Thursday, September 3, 2009

Motherhood Inc.

I need a vacation from motherhood today.
Is there paperwork? Who is in the Human Resources department for Motherhood?

I've worked several overtime shifts and I'd like to be compensated for those too.

And how do I file a complaint about hostile work environment? The little people I work for are ruthless! And sometimes rude. And stinky and sticky and messy. And they yell at me. Maybe its a stress claim I need to file?

I also have a workers comp claim I'd like to file for the constant pain in my neck and shoulders that I have incurred while performing this job. How do I go about doing that? Who pays for me to have my back fixed?

What time is my break????!!! These shifts are ridiculous. and my raise? hmmmm?


  1. When you find the forms, let me know. I don't have time with these 3 kids to look for them (the forms, not the kids. well...sometimes the kids, too)! :)

    Also, if you find applause and laugh tracks, I'll take those also. No one at my house applauds me or laughs when I think they should. Can you help me with that? Thanks!

  2. Oh, I didn't know having someone else laugh at you was an option. I've always just laughed at myself with that crazy lady who directs traffic with her little finger downtown laugh...


  3. This is totally what I needed to read today. xoxo