Friday, September 11, 2009

Progress...(the kids)

Cliff didn't get any "time outs" at school today. Tuesday or Wednesday he was in a time out more than not, but as the week progressed, with the help of some bribery, he got better and better and today he came home with the "star student" sticker!! He was quite pleased with himself and so was I!

Last night when we did his homework, I had to laugh. There were 4 shapes at the top of the pages, 2 circles, different sizes, and 2 triangles, different sizes. He had to sort them 2 different ways...and...this is the good part..."explain your thinking".

ROTF!! seriously? explain his thinking?!LOLOLOL!!! Its Kindergarten!! and he can't even explain his thinking when he's jumping off the bed, let alone when he's sorting shapes! LOL

In other news, Mandy has successfully given up the binky except at bedtime. We started last weekend just for grins and it was painless. She asked for it a couple times but didn't freak out when we said "no, only at bedtime". It was awesome. She's totally cool with it now!

Cliff used to find them around the house and just stuff them in her mouth. Which was fine. But I told him that since she was giving it up, if he found any, to please toss it in her crib without making a big deal of it.

So being the supportive big brother that he is, this is the conversation I heard this morning:

"MOooom!! I found a binky!!"
"Ok babe, just put it in her bed, ok?"
"Hey Mandy, I found a binky but since you're a big girl you can't have it right now. Ok?"

right on cliff. way to be there for her. LOL I hope she doesn't come to you when she wants to stop smoking some day. "Well Mandy, I have some cigarettes here, and they smell great, but I'm going to hide them for you, OK?"

I have 3 sets of business cards that I've designed now. I just need a business to go with them. LOL

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  1. Nick brings home a "bee-eautiful behavior" (big bee theme in this class) ticket everyday. So, projecting, I claim responsibility.

    Nick told me that he had a time- out this week and I had to stifle a gasp! Thinks I: "How dare you! How dare you represent my efforts in that way! What will that teacher think of me!"

    Stupid, but true. When I expressed my concern to the teacher about Nick's behavior, she assured me that this is normal behavior and that he's simply testing the waters.

    I think it's the smart kids that test the hardest because their intellect tells them that they need to assess the situation through trial and error and see who they can depend on. Who will hold the line? Where are the weak spots? Who will can they trust to keep them safe? And once they test, then they realize the real reward is in cooperation because everyone wins.

    We will survive five year old boys and beyond. Let us pray.