Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An unexpected Soapbox moment...

Amanda normally takes 2 naps a day: one around 10am and another around 2pm. On days like today, which is Taekwondo day, I sometimes tweak the schedule a bit to fit into the crazy driving across town schedule. I had that planned BIG nap at noon. logical, right? no. she did not sleep ONE wink. not at all. she defied every pattern and habit she has ever displayed and refused to sleep. Then I took her to TKD with cliff because I'm sick of paying for babysitting all the damn time for just a couple hours. But it would have been worth it today. As Henry has said in the past: "How much is your sanity worth?"

This is what I text messaged the father of the possessed child today halfway thru TKD:


and that pretty much sums up my day. Someone slipped that girl something. On the ride home from TKD, which is a good 20 minutes and she ALWAYS naps in the car...she didn't even blink. I looked back at her and her eyes were WIDE like a Tom and Jerry cartoon where Tom has his eyelids propped open with a toothpick. What the hell got into her today?!

Cliff is doing well and is happy at school (only not in the morning...he's not even human in the morning!) and we're all fairly well and 3 of the 4 of us have our flu shots. Getting swine flu shots in October.

I'm still adjusting to this new school schedule. IF I could find the world's most perfect job (oh wait I HAD that job, bastards) I would still be killing myself to get the kids where they need to be. Mothers do this every day all over the country and it should NOT be this hard to make a living and get your kids to and from school and into after school care. There is a disconnect here.

Dear President Obama,
how about you work on some rights for working mothers and women. If you're so fond of legislating "rights" like health care, how about you legislate some stuff that's affecting our children just as much as their health care. How about you REALLY level the playing field and REALLY pay women the same as men. How about, since we're so fond of patterning ourselves after European countries, we take a cue from them and provide more paid vacation and more maternity leave. Have you looked up how much time European women get for maternity leave?! Its not 6 weeks, I assure you. Its months. How about you legislate some stuff like "No child left behind" called "no child left at home alone" and do something about the great gap of childcare in this country. How about you get some women in office there in DC who want to do something for women's rights OTHER than pushing through various abortion laws?! How about your put some pressure on Businesses to do something other than pay about you put some pressure on them to give more women a shot at telecommuting and working from home so we can be proper mothers when we need to be?! It actually save the businesses money. Hello?! We subsidize everything else. Why don't you enact some law that subsidizes husbands' salaries to make up for lost
wages when the mother can't find work for the same salary as the job she lost?!


P.S. Please phone Hillary and ask her "Where the HELL is my village, bitch?"

wow, I have no idea where that came from but...demons be GONE. be HEALED sister!
sorry. as you were. nothing to see here, just a woman who's snapped.



  1. I know those days. I'll be praying for a better day today for you!

    As for the EU's parental (because it's open to either parent!) leave--when we were living in Germany (and I delivered my son in a German hospital) I roomed with a woman who was taking--I'm not kidding--a ONE YEAR paid maternity leave courtesy of the gov't. She had the option to stay out on unpaid leave for an additional two years after that and still return to her job when her leave was finished. And...because Germany (as well as the EU) has such a low birthrate, they pay a stipend per child of nearly (at least in 1994) $600 per month) which lasts until their 18th bday. Not a bad set-up. And with seven kids--we could have really made out on that system (if we were German nationals--it's not available to foreigners--even foreigners who give birth in their country).

    BUT it comes with a price tag. Taxes in that country are approximately 50% of the average persons take home pay--OUCH! And cars are so expensive people take out mini-mortgages to own one--not to mention the housing situation which makes CA's housing market of four years ago look like a steal!

    And then there's the deal where your creative license and freedom of--well, pretty much everything--is squashed and you are told what type of curtains your home must have, jaywalking is met with a penalty worse than death and babies must be named from the "book of names". Deutscheland Uber Alles, anyone?

    Although it does appear that there are no rules against prescription eyewear and detailing your vehicle.

    There's an object lesson in there somewhere, but i'm a little vehklempt about it right now.

    Anyway, hang in there.
    God Bless,

  2. today was a good day Jane, so thanks for the prayers. =) I hear you about Europe. I am actually totally against the US trying to become Canada II or Mini Europe. The United States is totally unique and placing a political template over us and tracing it will not create some magic ta-da where everything is perfect. I LIKE having choices and freedoms. I'm just sayin, since Mr. President wants to hike our taxes up way past my granny panties anyway, we may as well GET something for them. You can't apply socialist frosting on top of a capitalist cake and call it yummy. Its ridiculous.

    Anyway, that's fascinating about Germany. for one thing, why is their birthrate so low? hmmm. I knew a German girl in HS (exchange student) who used to tell us stories about how liberal things are there for teens. Either the country provides free birth control or free abortions or both. But the child stipend, now theres an idea!

    So I'm not at all for becoming "like them" but they do have a couple of ideas that make alot of sense. The lifestyle is so different. They aren't living to work over there, most of them. 5 weeks of paid vacation and dinner at 8 or 9pm and maternity leave galore = happier workers.

    I always love your comments.

  3. Well finally something I know. Federal and State laws allow a maximum of 12 weeks leave for baby bonding. This same leave is also available for fathers. There are certain criteria that have to be met before 12 weeks can be taken. Employees must have worked for their company for 1 year and worked 1200 and some hours.

  4. Judy- yeah but only 6-8 weeks of that is paid. And many employers require you to burn up all your sick leave for the unpaid portion. Which means once you're back and the baby gets sick you're screwed.