Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Look Bird! Look At Me.

I did 483 things today. most of them were of a domestic nature.
I got Cliff out the door and off to school and then Mandy and I went to the grocery store for some dinner items. Then I actually went to Target for a couple things. You know how that goes...a "couple things" at Target usually means a couple hundred dollars. guh.
So then I grabbed some food for Mandy at Jack in the Box and cooled the french toast sticks by holding them out the window on the freeway. Very effective method, I must say. Mandy ate one of those and then fell asleep. I went to the bank drive thru and waiting forever. Really. Like 30 minutes!! It sucked. But Mandy was asleep and I had some tunes and some money in the bank (although I can't really tell HOW much money because WAMU just became Chase and...holy crap. its confusing!). Then I came home and Mandy continued to sleep in the running car while I futzed with a huge pile of laundry in the garage and pushed some crap around to make more room. Then I ran inside, Mandy still asleep, and threw my stroganoff ingredients into the crockpot.

For some reason I can't remember what came next. But I did take her to the park. This is only like the third time the poor child has been to the park because I suck. And the only time she's ever been by herself. And in fact, we had the whole place to ourselves!! she loved the swing and said "Look bird, look at me!" which melted my heart. And she went down the slide and that was great until she bumped her lip. Then she was over the slide and back on the swing. I had to coerce her to get back on the horse/slide before we left. It was so fun and sweet to hang out with just my baby girl at the park!! such a simple thing. such a stay at home mom thing.

I had to remind myself that I have only been home full time with them since August. They were full time at daycare for April and May. June and July were part time, and August was cold turkey. August is too flippin hot to go to the park. I actually do not do well in the summer. I just do like to go outside at all. So we do glitter. September is no better. But we had school to get accumstomed to. Now its almost November and the park was sooooo wonderful. I hate the sand and I wish our park had that cool rubber stuff. But my heart was so happy. Especially all the stuff she was babbling about.

She proceeded to flip out when we left to go get Cliff. Its bloody difficult to put a child in the car seat when she is arching her back and turning into an angry wet noodle. grrr. "I no want bubba!!" (she is sooooo mean lately. her new thing is "I don't want it" or "I don't want *insert thing here*!" and she says it like this "I no wah-wit!")

she kept freaking out for about 20 minutes I swear. then we went to get Cliff. The rest of the day is as follows:

cliff's homework
check on dinner
feed mandy
look up some stuff online
make kids take 30 minute nap
take both kids to the dentist (mandy's first time)
come home and check dinner
feed mandy again
do laundry
do dishes
yell at kids
yell at kids to stop running
yell at kids to stop hitting
yell at kids to stop jumping off the bed
ravenously eat dinner while the kids try to injure each other
feed kids
hear mandy say about dinner "I no wah-wit!"

and the rest of the night you pretty much get...bath, more yelling, etc etc etc...

My stroganoff rocked. and my day mostly did too.

Look bird! Look at me!

I felt like a bird today. A busy one.

Look Bird, look at me!!

I may also borrow "I no wah-wit" from her. It seems very effective. I'll let you know...

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  1. What a sweet day. I feel like I just watched a movie of your day. Very fun. I think you should write a children's book called "Look Bird! Look at Me!" Those are all sight words and easy reader books suck. And please use a font that doesn't have funky "a" or weird "g". That bugs me.

    Good bye!