Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Day in the Life (nay, just a few moments really)

We have this ottoman thingy that has storage inside. We keep shoes in it near the front door. Mandy is sitting in it and eating a chicken nugget that was on the table for about an hour. She turned it down when I offered it to her fresh. "I no wah-wit!".
Henry put drawer latches on the kitchen drawers about 10 minutes ago. She snapped one on the first try.
She's suffocating her brother with her butt now. That's after she hit him, pulled his hair, tried to force feed him a cold chicken nugget, and then tickled him.

Henry is stalking flies with his electric fly zapper thing. crispy cooked flies lie here and there. If a fly lands on me, I am told to remain still while he hovers over me with the electrocution tennis racket. seriously?

Cliff ate hard boiled eggs, and a cupcake (chocolate). My entire house looks like someone sprinkled compost everywhere.

As I type this, the children are rolled up, of their own doing, in a blanket and the small mean child is screaming at the TOP of her lungs because of her "peet" being confined. She doesn't say that of course. She just screams. Now she is stomping on her brother. Oh, here comes the "Ow! My nuts!" phrase.

My life is so perfect.


  1. That is so funny. It reads like a poem, actually. Put it in some stanzas and frame it on your wall. I miss little people with little voices saying things like "I don wah wit!" And "peet." When it's gone, it's *poof* gone...

  2. Did you tell Henry he should try to refrain from yelling about his nuts? It's tacky, really.