Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Bitch is Back

I'm happy to report that for the time being, I am back to my old self. This doesn't imply that the stuff that was weighing me down is gone, but I have had my time in the ring with it, made my peace with it, and am ready for the next step.

Today was SO cold. It rained pretty hard last night and so today the sky was clear and beautiful. Cliff didn't have school, obviously, but I did have daycare available for Amanda. So Cliff went with us to sign some papers at the bank and then he and I went to breakfast. It was great to just hang out with him. Look! what?! I enjoyed him? yes. alot. Then we ran home for a pee break and took a drive up into the foothills like we have many times before. Except this time Amanda wasn't with us and the idea was to actually enjoy the view and then nap when we got home. Usually the kids both fall asleep in the car, which I why I didn't take Amanda on this drive. I was saving my nap time!!

It was just beautiful. I felt the excitement and joy that I used to feel in the presence of beauty. When I drove through a drift of leaves and they ruffled out behind the car, I felt giggly. When my tires splatted through the mud, I felt ornery. Cliff and I got out of the car and I just too a deep breath to take in the smell of earth and grass and rain and it was BLISS. The wind in my face was totally refreshing (and freezing!!) and I put my arms out and spun around like some goof ball in a movie. I didn't want to leave.

but I got some great pictures.

It was a GOOD day. I hope there's more of these. But if there's not, anytime soon, at least I know that when these days are gone, they will come back. Makes the hard days easier if you know that the hard days are not forever.

Oh and P.S. I frosted some cookies yesterday with this cool piping kit that my friend gave me. Its easier to use than a piping bag and it actually WORKS. I hadn't frosted anything in...months. a real sign of dark times if there ever was one. LOL

Stay tuned as the metamorphosis continues...

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  1. beautiful pictures! You can definitely see God's hand at work. Isn't His Creation amazing!?! He can make every corner of the earth breathtaking in it's own way. Sometimes i get bored with the endless cornfields of the midwest but then I'll see them washed with the pink hues of a sun set and be struck by how beautiful they are. Or see the landscaped covered in a blanket of fresh, white snow and think how everything looks like it's covered in royal icing! (i don't like driving it however). Love you guys and hope you have a beautiful Christmas. Paul and I are elbow deep in melted chocolate dipping pretzels and marshmallows and then covering them with Christmas sprinkles! I LOVE sprinkles!!!! They make life so much fun!