Tuesday, December 1, 2009

poop and lies

I am working on the book. it will be a long time coming I'm sure. but I am committed to it now. I've put it "out there" so it will happen.
about the time I make progress I'll probably get a job and it'll all be thwarted. Course I said I'd get a job as soon as I liked staying at home and that didn't happen. pllfffft. who can figure!!?!

so anyway, random post. about poop. and lies. chapter title, right there, right?

so when Mandy has obviously pooped in her diaper I say "ooooweeee Mandy you stinky. do you have poopoo?" and she says "Noooo" with a big smile. and sometimes she says "mona poo poo" (that's the dog!). So I say "Oooooh...you lie" and I proceed to check her drawers and then go change her.

so in the car today, she has a baby doll (my baby doll from when i was a tiny girl, in fact, which is so sweet that THAT baby doll is still getting loved even with her horrid hair and everything) that she mothers when we are driving around. She puts her to sleep and other adorable things that little girls do that I am just being exposed to. So today she says "Poo poo baby? no. you liiiieeeee"

I almost wrecked the car. I laughed so hard. I had to share that.

hope you have a truthful and poopless day. well ok not poopless (Jay that's for you). but ya know...

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  1. We're at around 6 - 8 poop nappies a day round here. SIX. TO. EIGHT.

    God your post made me laugh!! Noah has started putting his toys in time out, and even does the "check over his shoulder" to make sure they're still sitting there.

    And the poopy nappy denial? We get that TOO. What is up with the denial of poop? Dude. You stink. You pooped.

    That is all.