Thursday, January 28, 2010

List of Gratitude, made with much effort today...

Not much to say, but here goes...

things that made me happy on this mostly heavy and crappy day:

going outside, finally, and discovering that my front flower bed is full of little violets.

cleaning off my back patio which was ravaged by muddy storms

hearing my kids talk to each other full of giddiness about McDonald's for dinner

my new white candle

a glass of mandy's grape juice, (followed by a glass of mommy's grape juice)

finding out Vampire Diaries is new tonight, even though Grey's and Private Practice are not

Cliff's handwriting

coldstone ice cream with my sister-cousin Amy

deep breaths of scented stuff, in an effort to lift the elephant off my chest


my new lamp, which was on clearance from $60 to $20 at Home Depot. It was lacking a switch so I bought one and ta-da. awesome lamp.

Mandy's laugh

my own laugh

the unwaivering love and faithfulness of God, who allowed me to wallow in bed all day, and then told me to get up and go have ice cream. ;)

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