Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Heaving a heavy sigh of relief...

I got a job today!

Its temporary, and its not really "enough" to get ahead, but its barely enough to get by. And with my unemployment benefits running out, that is enough for me!!

I hope this is the first move on a path that will lead me out of a very dark and difficult period of time. It has been dark, lonely, scary, sad, and frustrating. So God willing, this may have been the tow truck I needed to get me out of the ditch. I hope I can move on up in the world in the next few months. Its weird, having to start over. I was very successful at my previous job. I am grateful for a fresh start in some ways, but it was not without a sting.

We are still really sideways financially. really. very. but we do have our heads above the water line...juuuuuust barely.

thanks for your love and prayers. please continue them. and please join me in a big "YAY GOD!!" today!!

This is SUCH a HUGE relief for me. You really just have NOOOOOO idea how huge.

With a joyful and happily exhausted heart and mind, I now go to bed!!


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