Tuesday, June 29, 2010

At long last...

an update.
she lives.
she breathes.
she smiles.

wait! what?!

yeah. I know. really.

so for almost a month now I have been nearly gainfully employed. Yeah, I know!!
I say nearly cuz the money sucks. I never thought I'd fall this far down the ladder or stay here for long. And the job is mind numbingly boring. HOWEVER, I am truly grateful and I am starting to enjoy its mental anesthesia. I am happier, motivated, perky, and just generally in good spirits. I have to get up at 5am and be there at 730, which really sucks. But I'm still grateful. It was supposed to be a very short term gig, and I gave up my part time job with my CPA friend which paid more to take this no guarantees temp gig. It was supposed to last only 3 weeks, which made me very nervous. But at the end of week 2, she pulled us in and told us (3 of us) that she thought she'd be able to justify keeping us for about 2 additional weeks. The beginning of week 3, she pulled me in and said that she identified me as the strongest of the 3 and while she wanted to keep me in her department, there was an opportunity for a longer term gig that she wanted to be able to offer me. So at the end of week 3 I started that. Its opened ended/never ending as far as I know. It has some perks that the previous gig did not. Minor perks, but a few steps up nonetheless.

Outside of that, the recital went super great. I love my dancers.
I have lost a grip of weight since last October and I look fabulous, if I do say so myself. :)
My kids are adorable. I wish you could see/hear Mandy sing. Gawd she's so damn cute!
And Cliff is going to be Ashton Kutcher some day, I swear.
Mandy talks SO much. She is so grown up. At 2. oy.

Things seem to be looking up. I waited almost a month to post that. :)

I am grateful for my friends and the love and prayers that have gotten and are getting me through this difficult period of time.

I am still doing this t-shirt thing. If you want a quippy shirt let me know. I have lots coming and I am accepting requests and ideas. I can get anything done on any kind of shirt. Group shirts/team shirts/individual shirts...whatever. hit me up, yo.

More updates soon.

The Diva


  1. SO glad to hear things are on the up, honey.

    Always thinking of you! xxx

  2. I was condumdrumming about your job sitch. Glad to know things are looking upsy daisies for you.

    Carry on.


  3. Brava!!!

    You're a beautiful, wonderful woman, Kel!!

    ROCK ON!!

    and I'm jealous as hell about the weight thing...;) XOXO!!