Sunday, August 1, 2010

God's Most Willful Creature

I stare fear in the eyes and dare it to tangle with me. And then when it wins, I stand up and toss my hair, dry my eyes and ball up my fists, undeterred. I build walls, only to dismantle them because oh annnnyone can build a wall and stand behind it. How cliche. I will paint myself with peanut butter and stand in front of the wall, meowing like a cat. Its not that I'm not afraid, its just that I'm too stubborn to stop fighting. When I set my heart and my will on something, I'm not apt to let it go willingly. The joy is always worth the pain, even if the bruises outnumber the rainbows. always. If you were handed a spoonful of the world's most intoxicating, delicious, life altering substance and told that in the middle of it was a little piece of deadly poison that would render you agonized if you so much as took one half of a nibble...would you risk eating the good stuff? I would. make mine a double. If I have to be stuck in this flesh suit, I am not going to let it determine when is stand still and when I run. And the fighters I meet along the way make it all the more worth it. My own Fight Club. Put em up, Fear...we're goin' to duke city. cuz you know my slogan...

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