Monday, August 23, 2010

Points on a Map - The drive to "where we are going", population 2

I know you're nervous because you've been on this road before
and it didn't take you where you hoped to go.
but this is our unique adventure
and there is no one in the car but us.
(You did take that body out of the trunk, right?!)
and we will take turns reading the map (GPS in your case)
until we arrive safely at "where we are going".

We can't arrive at "Where we are going"
without passing through "Trust".
They won't let me cross the border alone.

That place is scary for me too.
I want to roll up the windows and lock the doors.
Flat tires, and lies, and betrayal, and engine trouble and fires.
No signal. No gas. A long walk to an empty home
My heart remembers and is scared...

And there are hitchhikers...
don't stop because Fear will get in.
I want to go to "Where we are going" without Fear.
I've already had to wrestle him out of the car
I need your help...alot of it.

After "Trust", I'm pretty sure
we'll know where we're headed
and we will know the way.

I want to take this trip with you.
with the windows down and the wind in our faces
and Fear behind us.

and I want to stay there with you, in "Trust".
There are no hotels, no campgrounds...
but if you open your heart and shelter me,
mine will shelter you.
And when we do that,
we'll be at "Where we are going"

Coordinates, Please...
Are we there yet?

(I'd like to unpack...)

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