Monday, November 8, 2010

Random Neurons and Why the HELL can't I get paid to WRITE?!!

Ok first of all, I know all of you who love me and think I have some talent as a writer (maybe not all demonstrated here in this space cadet blog of mine) think I should be able to get paid to write. Believe me, I have looked into it. It ain't that easy. I could get a few cents a word to write various blathering monologues online about this and that, but my good stuff comes from my heart and I can't blather from my heart. So I will hold out for the grand inspiration and just write 'the book'. I haven't forgotten or let it go.

Nor have I let go of the "calling" that reached out to me in August. Still praying about it and seeking it.

Now onto more pressing matters. My favorite person says to me, while we are watching TV (OK he was watching and I was listening as I looked for jobs online)..."what? what the...?? why would you make a cheese grater with a measuring device?"

I looked up and stared blankly. He continued, much to my relief since I was not following his path of cheese angst...

"who MEASURES cheese?! that's just wrong."

and a very good point he makes. WHO indeed measures cheese?? Like you can have too much cheese? OH NO, I put in 1/2 a cup of cheese and it was only supposed to be 1/3!!! aaaaaah!! the humanity!!

Yeah whatever, if you're dieting I guess it matters. But seriously, if you're dieting so seriously that you have to measure out your cheese, do one of 2 things: either just make peace with your ass, or skip the cheese altogether.

Oh, do you want to see my latest cupcakes? you do? well they're on facebook. My laptop ate it (POS) and I don't feel like digging through my back ups to find my cupcake pictures. I know, that was really passive aggressive of me to post that. But eventually when I am a great author of comedic spiritual drama, I will need to tie my facebook and other "social media" back to my blog anyway. All the cool girls do.


I'm gonna go have a glass of something with alcohol in it now. Or an ativan. or...something. maybe I'll go measure some cheese. maybe that's what overly wound foodies do when they are frustrated...focus their OCD into their dairy products. grrrrrr....

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