Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What? More! Politics AND Reglion in ONE DAY? She's gone mad!!!!

I know! Two in one day! She must be menstrually manic or something!!

I just put some glitter and pointsettias on my soapbox. look.

I just got this in my email. It was in my spam box at Gmail. Gmail seems to be pretty smart, unlike yahoo who sends things I send to MYSELF to spam, and things from my employment agency to spam and viagra ads to my inbox.

anyway, I JUST found this in my spam folder:

NEW YORK, NY 10017


We just received an information of approval from the Foreign Operation
Department of our correspondent Bank Central Bank Nigeria as instructed by the
Governor of the Central Bank. On how to credit your account through their
external reserve account with the JP Morgan chase bank new york.

Due to the high level of corruption in Nigeria, your fund has been deposited
in our bank. from now on do not respond to any email coming from the central
bank of Nigeria or other agent. if you have been contacted by anybody using
the name of central bank of Nigeria or other agent kindly forward the email
immediately to the office,for investigation by the cyber crime division,
because a lot of impostor has been using the name of central bank of Nigeria
and other agent to scam people. To avoid falling into the wrong hand please
direct all your inquiry through this office JP MORGAN CHASE BANK NEW YORK.

If you are receiving this notification for the first time, Note that the money
about to be transfer to you is Ten Million Seven Hundred Thousand United
States Dollars ($US10,700,000.00) which is on your name, can only be paid
upon our receipt of your beneficiary identification for clearance of the fund.
Send it immediately to us for instant accreditation of your fund as listed below.

1) Your full name.......................................
2) Phone, fax and mobile................................
3) Present country and current Home Address.............
4) Profession, age and marital status...................
5) Copy of your any valid ID card.......................

We expect your urgent response to this email to enable us disburse this
Payment effectively....

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer
JP Morgan Chase Bank.


Really?!?! would anyone fall for this?!?!
anyone? anyone? Ferris?

does the butchered email address of "jamie dimon" give it away at ALL??

And why Nigeria? I must google this. This Nigeria money scam has literally been going around the internet since 1996 when I first got online! What is so special about Nigeria that spammers are hanging on to this? Only the twist now is that the good hearted folks at JP Morgan Chase (don't get me started on them) have deposited my dirty Nigerian money in their bank for me. How sweet!!!! I'm so glad that people are still looking out for me.

Seriously people...never never never provide any form of ID to jokers like this. But all my readers know that. I'm not sure who doesn't know that... But they should read my blog.

and speaking of people looking out for people, the US government passed Bill S510 to regulate cheese. yes. really. The gist of it is that because the government wants to protect us, Farmer-type cheeses are now regulated and have to go through the "strict" government safety standards. I feel so much better. So not only am I not qualified to determine if my children need cold medicine and how much, without overdosing them, cuz I am that stupid, now I can't give my children or myself Farmer's market cheeses or raw milk, should I see fit to do so. I don't drink raw milk, but it pisses me off that I can't now. Maybe the TSA would like to pat me down RIGHT NOW to see if I am in possession of any cold medicine, gun powder, hair gel, or farm cheese!!! PAT ME DOWN. do it! I'm wearing boots today, damnit!!!

Damnit I am SO sick of being "protected" by this "government" of ours!!!!!!! I feel like Britney Spears!! The government hasn't done squat to help me find a job in the last 2 years. In fact they've made it bloody difficult to get by. Very, in fact.

I recently saw a job application from an old school mom and pop company and one of the questions was "have you ever been a member of the communist party?"

Huh? What year is this? Who is president? what? I'm not sure if that's even legal. I seriously question if it is. Their employment application HAD been updated with the legally required ADA stuff, but they saw fit to leave in the communist question.
How about: "Do you have children?" "did you breastfeed them?" "Are you in good health?" I've been asked 2 of the 3 of those interviews. LOL Anyway...my point is more to the communist issue. Soon, that question will be irrelevant, OR some of us will have to check the yes box.

We are ripe for the communist picking, people. RIPE. The government is taking everything over. And everyone is mad, sick of injustice, taxes, joblessness, hopelessness, war, poverty, lack of health insurance, terrorism, TSA patdowns. I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist but stay with me here. It may or may not be a conspiracy, it may just be things lining up just so. But I assure you, the government will take full advantage of this situation. What situation? The one where we are all disgusted with the current state of things, and "they" will swoop in with well disguised communist ideals and philosophies and we will all drink the friggin kool-aid because we are sick and tired of the current bullshit and want things to be fair. We will think the kool-aid is new thinking, thinking outside the box, thinking creatively to solve problems. We will think the kool-aid is the perfect solution for these times, because the suave and charismatic President will tell us it is. It will not be called communism, or even socialism. It will be called brilliant. But we are on the brink of it.

I can think of alot of things in the history of man kind which were not named quite accurately. can't you?

Can I have my Sudafed, cheese, and dignity back please?! oh yeah...and my COUNTRY?! GAWD!!!!

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