Tuesday, December 28, 2010


why? because I'm driving myself crazy. I'm bursting with pent up anxiety and angst and incredulity.

Just a handful of things that are on my mental clipboard today...and THIS, my friends, is WHY I have made a habit of NOT reading the news!

US Companies are hiring...OVERSEAS!
(a few of my rant snippets from Facebook: the answer isn't to tax the hell out of these companies, because that won't stop them. nor is the answer to boycott chinese goods, because that won't stop them. the answer is that most elusive thing...ethics. it can't be legislated. it can't be bought. some companies are just going to have to step up and do the right damn thing just because its right!

and more on the legislation of ethics...

the soon-to-be-over-media'd man reads wife's email and goes to jail case

first of all, is there an "expectation of privacy" on a computer you SHARE with your HUSBAND? no not shame on him! shame on the legal system and the government for once again overstepping its boundaries. you can not make a law about every little flippin' thing.
there should ideally be nothing to hide between spouses. most marriages are not ideal! but that doesn't mean that husbands and wives should start filing lawsuits about every thing. "he moved my shoes and I was late for work. I'm suing for lost wages" "she wont' cook me dinner so I eat out and got fat and got a back injury so I'm suing for pain and suffering". "he's cheating and told his mistress I'm frigid, so I'm suing for defamation of character" "he lied to me and broke his vows. marriage is a legal relationship, therefore he must have committed some kind of perjury so I'm suing him for dishonesty." "she can not have children and I can not get a tax break because of it, so I am suing her uterus for financial restitution"

you can not legislate relationships!!

I'm not even sure if its about "big government". Though personally I am SO tired of the government treating me like I am a moron and can not pick out a cold medication for my child, or feed my child the right kind of food, or that I can not drink raw milk should I chose to, or that my cell phone is more distracting than my purse, my child, my life, or my lipgloss in the car. I'm tired of the government approving the TSA to pat us down and feel our tits for our own safety. Violate me to protect me. great. Thank you mommy dearest. My kid is shouldered with so much homework in the 1st grade it makes my ass twitch. he has been exposed to algebraic terminology at the age of SIX, but has not been exposed to PASTE!!! I'm not kidding. No wonder he hates school. Its all about testing. Its not about the whole child. Its about meeting test scores so they can get paid. its about ensuring that "no child is left behind". Well aces. good job. Cuz there are no children to leave behind. There only little mini adult drones with Dora the Explorer shoes and Star Wars backpacks. Nope, no kids here. Just little robots. Thank you, government, for "protecting" the "education" of our "children".

Its not about big goverment or small government, its about stupid, irresponsible, short sighted government whose eyes are in all the wrong friggin places!!

Ok so breathe with me....deep breath in, arms rise above the head...hold it...aaaand....slowly let it out...


so, whew. anything else that had me fired up just pales in comparison.
I used to find this upcoming statement to be such a cop out, so unpatriotic...just chicken shit. But you know what? how can you be patriotic to a country that has no patriotism itself? how can you be patriotic to a country that has no identity but that which other countries assign to us? How can you be patriotic to a country that is repressing and starving the greatness within it by trying to control everything its citizens do? How can you pledge allegiance to a country that has no apparent allegiance to its people?

Did you know if you poke a scorpion in the back with a stick, it will sting itself to death? We have a stick in our back, folks.

Dear Canada, I may just make it up there yet. Love, Kelly

(P.S. as a person who loves snopes and loathes the dissemination of misinformation I find myself obligated to inform you at the aforementioned statement about scorpions is a myth. I cling to my rights of creative license, but thought you should know, all the same. just making a statement. :) )

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