Friday, December 17, 2010

News Story fires up my soapbox...

Ok, so...this is a news video clip from the Nancy Grace show. First of all, Nancy Grace makes me want to smack her. Between her Southern/Valley Girl accent and her abrasive voice, I just want to duct tape her mouth shut. I like WHAT she says but damn, can she get a voice transplant?! But that's beside the point. 2 young women were found strangled to death in AZ. One was apparently 8 weeks pregnant and was going to announce to her mother at Xmas. This is now a triple homicide because... she was pregnant. 8 weeks.
but legally, she could get an abortion if she wanted.
funny double standard if you ask me.
Its only murder if someone's in the mood to call it murder. 8 weeks. very much within the legal limits for abortion. its only murder if its convenient to call it murder? or its not murder if its just an inconvenience, period?
I don't normally like to get into this subject at all. But this just jumped out at me.
I doubt anyone in the media will pick up on this strange irony.

a link to the video is here

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