Sunday, January 16, 2011

And she cooks...

Look, I can food blog too! (which is what my friend JENNY L should be doing!!! ahem!!)

When I was pregnant with Amanda I became obsessed with finding the best Mac N cheese. I made several varieties and tried various recipes. I made a fantastic version for Thanksgiving in 2007. But it cost a fortune due to all the 47 kinds of fancy, expensive cheese. I dubbed it "million dollar mac and cheese" and damn, it was good. This year I came up with a version of it that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and its fantastic. No I'm not going to tell you how its made. But you can look at the pictures and drool.

I will tell you that after trying the 2 methods: roux/bechemel and egg, without a doubt my favorite is the egg. The roux/bechemel version just doesn't work for me. I don't like using flour as a binder in any of my sauces, including my alfredo, which is the best I've ever had by the way. Alfredo with flour is just wrong.

I topped it with mashed croutons and...wait for it...a smattering of...shake n bake coating! yes. yes, I did. delish.

asparagus. beautiful, verdant, fantastic asparagus. The only way I will eat it is roasted this way. SO much better than any other way. The flavor is heightened and the crunch is still present as is the green color. Olive oil, salt and pepper on a cookie sheet in a 400ish degree oven for about 15 minutes.

These steaks were gorgeous. They were amazing. I marinated them, though it wasn't necessary, with butter, salt and pepper, thyme, a pinch of cayenne, and a tiny bit of onion and garlic.

As I was typing this out, I realized that I forgot to make the garlic-wine mushrooms to top the steaks!! This sent me into a rage, as this is the second time I've forgotten to use the effing mushrooms that we have in the frig to top steaks that we purchased specifically with the intent of topping them with mushrooms!! I asked Phillip to buy steaks for dinner so we could use.the.mushrooms! GAH!!!

I do not have a picture of the steaks cooks, cuz we got busy eating them and I forgot to take a picture! oops!

I even made these small batches of mac n cheese for the freezer. Look at the little baby size ones. so cute!!

and so, here ends the 2nd day of the Twelve Days of Birthday.

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