Sunday, January 16, 2011

Behold, Glitter

If you are reading some of these posts that reference the appearance of the blog, and they appear to make no sense, that's because since I posted, I've changed the appearance, which means YOU do not check my blog often enough.

So, today, I added glitter. I actually almost changed back to a scrapbooky template but I worked too hard on this one. I decided it needs texture so instead of a solid background color, I would do an image. But it took me awhile to figure out where it belonged in the code, because I edited the HTML manually. Its tedious. I don't normally do tedious but fiddling with HTML is fun. In a mind numbing kind of way.

So I searched for images and found this red glittery one, and am using it because my friend Swistle suggested glitter to overcome the austere harsh look of the new blog. I agree and as we all know I love glitter.

Its not very sophisticated so I'm sure it will change but for now, its a nod to me, and my readers and its better than the other version.

OH and Post Script:

I since found a background that makes this post totally irrelevant. I love this background. The color combo is perfect and diva-esque. dig. you?

this was the glitter background though, in case you missed it:

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