Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Birthday

Of all the 7 year old son was the most outstanding birthday companion. We stayed home from school/work because he's had a bad ear ache. We didn't do anything special. I slept (uh, depressed sleeping) and he played Xbox for a long time. But every time he saw me he said Happy Birthday. And he woke me up with the birthday song. he doesn't know that my mom used to wake me up with the birthday song. and he added "happy birthdaaaaay to my beautiful maaaamaaaaa"

so great.

the rest of the drama. heavy heart. argued with my dad, and we NEVER argue. I wallowed in the feelings of being an utter, total, colossal failure who has screwed up her whole life beyond recognition. And as I typed that my daughter just coughed until she threw up on herself at 10:30pm. yay.

Cliff said "mama, I'm sorry. You shouldn't have to deal with this (meaning, barf) on your birthday".

she sat up at 10:47pm and said "mama, I coughing on my arm...all by myself".

I was a little confused but I think she was proud of herself for covering her mouth. awwwwww.

"oh peanut, that's great. lay down and go night night ok?"

"ok mama"

weird. LOL

I adore my babies

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