Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 2 of Kelly Appreciation Celebration

Did I mention that I DID officially interrupt T12DOBD around day 8? The whole effing thing is being rescheduled to February. January is just an accursed month for my birthday. damnit.

anyway, in keeping with my resolution to recognize my own strengths (yesterday my strength was "strength". I'm that original) today I would like to recognize in myself the fabulous sense of humor that I have been given. I was born with some, Thanks God. And I learned a lot, thanks Mom and Dad and Mike. and then I learned more, Thanks Paul and Henry. And then I learned more, thanks pain and life in general.

I seriously couldn't cope without humor. Like the irony in that there statement? I seriously need humor. see how clever I am?
behold. funny girl.

that's all I got today. I only took ONE xanax today because of excessive nervous divorce energy.

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