Wednesday, January 12, 2011

new outlook, new life, new blog layout

Its only appropriate, ya?

I am still tweaking it and making changes. Its not as "special" as I would like. My previous layout was groovy but the codes changed and...well I had to update.

I need a daily blog design change that will automatically read my most prominent thoughts and create a layout based on the firing of my neurons. Today I would like, on the left... a bottle of Xanax, with a single pill laying next to it. Next to that, multiple scattered Starbucks cups. In the background, various images of a me-ish doing yoga, one with scissors held up in a threatening fashion and aimed at a photograph of a faceless man, and then just a lovely soft focus head shot of me.

or this

Hmmm...daily blog background. How does one do that? Without neural download...

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