Thursday, January 6, 2011

Perhaps too much coffee, or perhaps my nerve endings are on inside out...

Is now a good time to say that I am tired of the inference that because my marriage ended I did not work hard enough at it? Or that I didn't put him first. Or that I took the easy way out...oh that's a good one. I love that one. If this is the easy way then shoot me in the frickin head right now. Cuz I thought staying where I was silently suffocating and comfortably slipping into apathy and bittnerness and lovelessness and being able to pay the bills was much easier than this.

Is this a good time to say that I am tired of judgment, and tsking and whispering about "the d word"? is this a good time to tell you that if I indeed am a person utterly lacking in morals because I made this choice, which by the way resulted because someone else made alot of other choices, that the process in and of itself has been punishment enough and that really, a hug or a lunch or a high five for surviving or just a little human compassion and the benefit of the doubt would be really great?!

not every one who chooses divorce is Britney Spears. Not everyone who chooses divorce made that choice easily. not everyone who chooses divorce deserves the pain, even if they did make the choice.

I'll climb down off my victim high horse now. This saddle chaps my ass.

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