Thursday, January 13, 2011

Relaxation is Stressing me out!

So I'm really tense from this money (no money, more accurately) situation courtesy of the State of California. I'm trying to shift my thinking so this doesn't consume me, ruin my week, and my birthday party.

So I'm reading over at Tiny Buddha dot comand found this technique. But I'll be DAMNED if I can figure it out.

I read it and re-read it, and now I'm stressed. Now I feel inadequate and stupid. Now I feel like I am in the 7th grade in Algebra class allllll over again and I desperately want to understand but I just can't. Now my brain is shutting down. Now I am completely disconnected and unable to give a shit. But I am still stressed out. And mad that this technique is written this way and has no picture. Now I am angry at the author. Now I really need to relax!!


(no, this isn't the pose. because clearly her hands are not in a V, or close to her chest under her chin. And frankly, if I had a picture of the pose in question, I would not be posting this rant, now would I?)


After posting this, I got a call that juuuuust made my day. please read that with drippy oozy sarcasm.
so backstory: Child support=case worker. child support payment MUST be made through California State Disbursement Unit=auto deduction from my ex's paycheck.
His employer sends money to state disbursement unit, SDU then auto deposits in my account. Last month from the date of payday to the day of auto deposit=4 business days. This month, payday was 12/30, today is 1/ sign of any money. Not a couple hundred dollars, mind you. Enough to pay a house payment, 2 cars, and alot of groceries. OK? Ok. So I called the SDU. Its the borg empire. There are no humans there. They have a uni-mind like the EDD (Unemployment Department). SDU knows nothing, has no sign of any money. Call the LCSA (Local Child Support Agency)they know nothing. I left a message for our Case Worker. She didn't call me back in 2 days. So I called my ex's payroll department. I didn't ask a single piece of private info, only if they had mailed the payment to sacramento. She was super sweet and said "yes on the 4th". Well as of 1/12 it really should have been there by now, even by snail mail standards.
so TODAY, my case worker magically calls me back. not to tell me anything good bad or otherwise, or in any way to respond to MY concern, but to tell me that the payroll department complained that I was harassing them.
Ok let's recap. They took a large sum of money out my ex/their employee's paycheck. They are supposed to mail it to the SDU so I can ...oh...SUPPORT MY CHILDREN...
and they have not mailed it or someone has lost it but I am harassing them? First of all I was SOOOO nice, and she was SOOOO nice, I am completely flumoxed!! Why wouldn't she just say "I'm so sorry, we can't give you that information"?? Turns out the employer has 30 days to send that money in, so maybe they mailed it on the 4th and maybe they didn't, but they aren't going to tell me. Can I just mention here, without showing my cards too much, that the slogan for this employer is "advocates for children"?

UM, I can't pay for my DAYCARE, food, or gas, let alone my daughter's birthday. Are you fucking kidding me?


There is no yoga pose that could unflumox, unpiss, or unstress me right now. Look, I'm making up words I'm so mad!


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