Friday, January 14, 2011

She's got the look...

I'm still messing with the new layout. I have to admit I don't love the cold article-ish feel. I liked my journal-y feel. I can't put my finger on what is bugging me about this. I love the template/design. In fact, I chose this template because I liked that face up know...this one:

and in looking at it today I thought "I have a picture of me where my eyes/hair look alot like that". (And when I think these things I actually say the word "slash" in my head, in case you were wondering...)

so I found that picture (which by the way is named "meduckface.jpg". and I really like my hair color in that picture):

and cropped it:

and then I was playing with the placement of it and threw it up there.

Literally like within one minute of its placement, Phillip texted me "hey when did you put your face in your blog header? I like it"

"um, literally like 15 seconds ago. nice timing!"

so as I'm typing this I am tweaking the text but am lacking a program to do said tweaking so I'm downloading.

After hours of downloading the damn program...grrrr...I got the header changed. When I have time I will post a series of pictures showing the progression. But let me say that first it had the other cartoon face, and the whole layout was yellow. I hate yellow. I was able to tweak the background color to red and the border color to green. Cuz my email is redgreenhurricane. But the border made...Idanno. It just made my ass twitch. So I managed to remove the border, add the gray shading in the right column and got my header fixed with my program of choice. I think I dig it. Its still a bit too sleek and linear. I don't like linear. I like freeform. However, this does load nicely on the iphone. :)

Anyway, thoughts? Phillip, you CAN comment ya know. I mean, I know what some of your thoughts are, and other thoughts...well I have no idea...
Some of the thoughts I know of shouldn't be in the blog comments. But thoughts relevant to the blog would be appropriate.

and the rest of you, yeah, you. You Northerner that reads but never comments. And you, high school friend who is in blog reader stealth mode, and you, my mom's can comment people. really. I'd like to know you were here.

Why do I feel like the blog layout is too stiff? too...austere? did you guys like the scrapbook-y feel to the previous layout? Phillip said he thinks this modern layout suits me better. I agree. But its lacking warmth or personality or something. Well ok my big ol face is up there...that's pesonality. but you know...its not foofy enough. LOL

Alright that's enough. comment, damnit.


  1. I like the picture, much better than the cartoonish one. More authentic, I think.

    However, it seems a little stark for you. Needs... something. Glitter?

    HEY LOOK KELLY!!! I COMMENTED!!! You should be proud of me!

  2. I like it! I think austerity can be relieved by changing black/grey ("black slash grey" in my head) to colors such Well, THAT part depends on what you like.