Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Solid Gold, baby

You have NO idea how excited I am to make this entry. You will also never understand why. Because I can't explain it.

For years, seriously...years...I have scoured the internet for clips of, VHS tapes on the black market of, any version of...SOLID GOLD...the 80's TV show that featured top hit songs and...the cheesiest hip thrusting, hair tossing, pas du bourre doing dancers EVA.

Today, I hit the jackpot on YouTube. I had looked before, but come up empty handed. But today, I found...a lot...of SOLID GOLD.
(that picture is Darnell. I remember her name because she had freakishly long hair that she frequently wore braided and then she whipped it around as she sashayed and thrusted and triple-hipped in her gold high heels to a Hall n Oates song. she did a move that we, at the dance studio, called "the darnell crawl" and I still use the term and the move in my choreography to this day.)

I am not exaggerating when I say that watching these clips makes me feel like I've taken a Xanax or 2. And it brings back so many is just...nirvana.

No one except my dancers will understand why these clips encompass who I am as a dancer and choreographer. Only my dancers would understand, after watching these, why pas du bourre is the cure to all choreographic ills. Hit a dead spot? Dancer's block? Need a transition? ah, throw a pas du bourre in there.

windmill arms

fan kicks

head rolls

hip rolls

triple hips

and hello...ROLL OFFS??? and down, two, three...and back boom boom boom...YES!

My friend Jenny, who for some ridiculous reason does not have her own blog, said this on facebook when I posted this today:

"I'm no dancer, but is that even dancing? It's seems to be a series of writhings and spinning ending in dirty looks and sinking to the floor?! I can't believe that was ever prime time and we were allowed to watch it! By the time you get used to the distraction of their outfits, the dance is done and is leaving me with the question, How did they make their hair wider than their hips?"

I both laughed and cried and shouted AMEN. It IS writhing and spinning. And its glorious. And set to the Pet Shop boys a few years later.

When I was a little girl I had these blue and white gingham checked baby doll PJs. I tied up the front (you know, where you take the hem and tuck it between your non existent boobs, cuz if you have boobs, you can't really pull off the 'front-tuck' without being arrested or suspended from something) and I hiked up the legs of my bloomers to mimic the obscenely high cut leotards of the Solid Gold Dancers...I hiked up my bloomers with GOLD HOOP EARRINGS. yes...yes I did. and then I PARADED and PRANCED and SHIMMIED through the living room and demanded that my mom and dad LOOKIT. Only Child much?

Ok so without further adieu, I invite you to please, please, these videos at YouTube

It is horror and joy all mooshed together. I just...I'm verklempt.

talk amongst yerselves. always wear french cut panties. Big hair should come back. And sequins are STILL awesome. Rad, even.


  1. Bahahaha! I love being quoted!

    For all of you who have known Kelly as long as I have, I can attest to the actual wearing of highly suspect (as in, I suspected these were made-over dance outfits) school attire which would from time to time consist of custom-ripped t-shirts and headbands worn in the solid gold sweatband fashion. She raised the fourth grade fashion standard to a new high and is still rockin' it.

  2. Jen, the headband and ripped shirts I can go with. I do remember wearing these parachute pants with...get this...a my BELT. I might be able to use a bandana as a garter these days. anyway, if I'd worn a dance costume in any way recycled to school, it woulda been quite the talk. They were not recyclable... brightly colored lycra cut well over the hip bone, with lots of sequins. And back then I did have a couple tutus as well.
    I will upload some pix of said costumes.
    Blue mascara though...that I will freely admit...but not until the 6th grade.

    and why don't you have a blog, JENNY? hmmmm?