Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Twelve Days of Birthday, explained

I love my birthday. Every year I look forward to it like a child. I'm turning 38 next week and I still look forward to my birthday. Every year feels a little better. Some years have sucked, but I know that I am growing.

Many years, my birthday has sucked. Funerals, partners and friends who don't come through. I tend to get in trouble with my expectations. I try to keep them in check. My mom didn't go out of her way for my birthday but she always made the day special. She woke me up with a birthday song and some ooey gooey mom love. She always, every year, got me a champagne cake from Smith's Bakery (a local bakery that is well known for a few items that are unbeatable in their yumminess and have not been duplicated anywhere, ever). Even still, she usually gets me a cake. I love it and look forward to it so much.

One year I got 2 cakes because someone actually chose to acknowledge my birthday. I loved having two cakes! I froze one! it was perfect when I pulled it out as a gift to myself a month later.

so there can never be too much birthday.

A couple years, when something really crappy happened on my birthday, I moved my birthday. In February, My brother, grandmother, mom and dad, all have their birthdays consecutively, with a one day gap. February 12th. So occasionally I use February 12th as my birthday. Its still within the Aquarius time period so I feel secure in celebrating my birth there. Yes, that is tongue in cheek. I may add a birthday in October just to spite myself because I can't fancy myself a scorpio in any way. Its a birthday. I don't care if it falls on National Scratch Your Butt Day.

The 12 days of birthday arose from a need for me to drag my birthday celebration out as long as possible. It also allowed time for certain people to redeem themselves in case they blew it. They never did redeem themselves, however, the extra time gave me the opportunity to do something for myself.

So the twelve days of birthday, sometimes abbreviated as "T12DOBD", begins 6 days before and extends 6 days after my actual birthday. However, I exercise the right to make it any 12 days I like. I could start it on my birthday and extend it out 12 days if I wanna. Why? Cuz its my birthday. damnit.

So on day one of T12DOBD this year, I threw myself a party and invited a bunch of my friends. Much tequila was consumed and I had a fantastic time. Day 2 was set aside for recuperation, but turns out I'm pretty hearty. I laid around in bed all day and did absolutely nothing. Then I made a fabulous dinner for me and the boys.

I'm watching various TV shows and still doing not much of anything.

Day 3 I have to go to work and I may not like it much. So day three may be moved to day 4, thereby extending the days out one more day.

See how that works?

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