Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fear and Loathing in La Pelirroja Loca

We now return to our regularly scheduled program of self loathing, self doubt, and generalized anxiety.

brought to you by:
The Chocolate Goddess

But wait, don't call yet. If you call in the next ten minutes, you get not one, but 5 dozen. That's right. the crazy redhead stayed up all night making cupcakes. those are Kahlua chocolate cupcakes with bailey's irish cream frosting.

chocolate is supposed to release endorphines and love hormones. Alcohol...well...we know what alcohol does.

didn't work.

epic fail. I feel like shit.

oh the cupcakes, they're devine. brilliant. a recipe of my own creation even. I am divine and brilliant too, but not really feelin it today.

We now return to our program with no further interruptions.

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