Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh how they underestimate me.

"They who?" you ask?
they all of them. everyone. they all underestimate me . force down enough of my walls and back me into that corner and then judge me or push me or question my motives or just in general hurt me when I am otherwise unprotected, and when I feel I have made no that, and this is what you get.

if you are considering matching wits with me and blaming me for defending myself...anyone...anyone...? OK well if so, please put on a helmet because I will assault your feeble brain with word-barbed arrows from the quiver of my frighteningly redheaded intellect. I will draw back the bow until it is taut and it will fly through your mind, cleaving it in two. back away from the redhead.

and now I sayeth unto you, futhermuckers, bring it on. *doing the crazy Mr. Chow from the Hangover moves*

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