Thursday, February 17, 2011

On leaving Comments

Ok I changed the settings so any ol' person can leave a comment now...without signing in I think.
There are hardly any comments and I actually NEED them. to like, survive and shit.
No but really...its responsible blog reading to comment and let the author know you're there. Otherwise, why blog? I could just journal. Talk to myself. I do those things and they aren't as fun. I enjoy leaving comments on the blogs I read and find it a meaningful way to psuedo connect with other humans in an unconnected world.

I am going to write that book someday and without your feedback and support how will I know how to mold this project?

so I'm lovely people. my friends. my fans. snort. LEAVE A FRIGGIN COMMENT PUHLEASE!!!! (and sign your first name at least if you're being anonymous so I know who you are. just drop some kind of hint)

I am going to start a movement called "responsible online participation". I will team up with the government who dictates what kind of cheese we can buy and eat, and what OTC medicines we can give our children, and what kind of healthcare we can have, and everything else...and we will FORCE you to start thumbing up my facebook posts and leaving comments on my blogs. Don't feck with me people! I mean it.

And if you are a bot leaving a comment about penis enhancement, free Nigerian money, or work at home jobs, fuck the fuck off. ok? ok. thanks.


love youuuu!!


  1. testing comments. look. I did it. took 2 seconds to tell me I'm FUCKING FABULOUS!!

    I love unsolicited love.

    as you were.

  2. Aww, Kelly... you ARE FABULOUS!!!



  3. lmao! Love ya, sweetie! Did this for my lazy ass, did ya? ;) I'm glad I can tell ya how I feel now. <3 Nic

  4. KK, Love your verbosity, your guts, your guile and your soft-centre !!
    You my dear are the Bridget Jones for the new generation....
    Keep blogging and keep working towards the book that I KNOW will be published and make your fortune !!

    Love ya,

    'dusie !! XX

  5. Personally, I like the phrase "piss the piss off".

    And yes, you DO have to say it with a British accent. So when you say "off", it's "orff" and not "arff".

  6. Just wanted to let u know I'm paying attention....see now I have documented proof!.....hmm that sounded funnier in my head