Thursday, March 24, 2011

Go Placidly Amid the Noise and Haste...

Considering that my life is a pile of rubble, its all rather well decorated and color coordinated.

I have great taste in lamps. And I have many lamps. My apartment is Lamps R Us. So the bleak starting-over-ness is well lit.

My table and dining room furniture that I refinished with days of insomnia after I lost my job (2 years ago today but...pfffft....who's counting. that event hardly fazed me, right?) looks great in my little dining area, with the chairs I bought. Those chairs, strangely, are one of my favorite things. They have style. They are not ordinary. They are so uncomfortable.
(those pictures are from the house I lived in, not the shitty little apartment. I say that with much fondness as a nod to my friend Paul, who is no longer with us. He called everything his "shitty little"...)

I have so many orange and red, mostly glass, accessories, that I could open a little mini Pier-One.

The plant of unknown name right outside my front door has bloomed and its orange lily-like blossom matches my orange door mat and my orangely decorated living/dining room.

Its all very Martha Stewart, or David Bromstad, whom I like more.

Ignore the shitty linoleum. (no pictures of this stuff, sorry) Forget the laundry scattered everywhere. That's intentional. I find it artistic. I like the juxtaposition of textures. Don't...DON'T open that door. *shakes head* bad bad bad things happen when you open that door. My head explodes. Its very messy and inconvenient. I must distract you now. LOOK! look at how my 10 year collection of artwork all looks so intentional here in this space!!3

"From the broken debris of my heart, I will erect an altar to the Lord"

I think that was a rambling way of saying I'm grateful for where I am, even though I bitch about it a lot. I am kind of sick of FEELING all the time. damnit. I'm FEELING. I'm tired and I'm tired of being tired. But I do feel very blessed. damnit. happy shit is so much less interesting to blog about.


  1. My favorite part is "Avoid loud and aggressive people, they are vexations to the spirit." I'm muting a few Facebook friends/relatives right this minute!

  2. I like it all! Look! I'm a big girl and I can comment :)