Monday, March 7, 2011 (just ask my cat)

Well I'm all moved into my new apartment. It is too painful to even put into words what a huge pain in the ass it is!!!

However, I feel very blessed to have had so much help from friends and family. My mom has been so amazing lately. She really stepped up when I needed her. Amazing. My friend Robby, who had no reason to help me whatsoever, and my sister-cousin. And Phillip, who never stops giving, even when it hurts.

The place looked like Pier One threw up in my front room and Sanford and Son threw up in the back. I have the front living areas mostly squared away so I can sit there and feel happy. same with my bedroom, only slightly less finished.

the kids stayed with me in the mess on Saturday and we all survived. My cat and dog are moved...though the cat gave me quite the gift...he ravaged my arm. Poor bastard. He's old, so I forgave him.

My neurotic dog is now living with my ex. I'm so happy she got to go home. And Phillip kept Travis. I'm happy that all my fur-babies have homes. Its been heavy on my heart.

The first thing I loaded into my own car for the move was my childhood barbies and Strawberry Shortcake dolls. I took all my prized possessions with me personally rather than loading them in the POD. I don't have many pictures, I'm sorry to say, but y'all know what a move looks like...

The first bedroom of my place is wall to wall, floor to ceiling SHIT. I keep that door closed for now. :) its the kids room but they are always stuck to me anyway so we'll deal for the moment. Thank God I was able to get a 2 bedroom place. I think I really like it.

The bathroom fixtures are super retarded. They are set back too far so you can barely get your hands under the running water. What moron figured that out? So lame.
I told my cousin that the kitchen is awful and makes me want to slit my wrists in a warm bath, but my bathtub is not big enough for such an accomplishment. I miss my dream tub at the house. also the dining room fixture is so ugly it makes me...angry. But I've made peace with it since my Pier One-ness is offsetting its vomitous ugliness.

I'm a blessed woman. A sore one...with way too much shit. but a blessed one nonetheless.

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