Monday, April 25, 2011

Accidental Depth

As much as I love to post a good rant, and a funny anedote or story about my kids, I have been given a reminder in the form of a painful realization. I am not able to post details here, but I am grateful, though heart-wrenched, for the validation. I have moved from a place of confusion, returning to a place of certainty that I haven't seen in awhile. And I grieve in the process. Again. more grief.

I swear I know so many people who celebrate a birthday of a lost loved one, or observe the memorial of a death in April! Its like THE grieving month. April showers bring May our tears count too? If so...its going to be a glorious May. I hope it brings great healing and restoration to all of us.

Among the many I have bumped into that seem to be grieving this month, I was linked to this blog by my friend. This story is one that takes courage to read, and an unfathomable amount of courage to write. This blog belongs to a man who nearly lost his wife, and did lose his just-about-to-be-born 2nd daughter. A slip, a fall, a ruptured placenta, a still born, and a wife that nearly bled to death and whose kidneys came *this* close to failing completely. This is grief. wow. I am humbled. I have felt the pain of the loss of a child. I have watched others go through it in varying forms. Its life's greatest pain I think. The courage of this man to write his feelings as he journeys through this process is admirable and beautiful. You have to scroll back several posts to March 24th, the day "it" happened, to read the full story. It is my request that as you read their story you would please pray for them to be comforted and healed, That seems an impossibility doesn't it? But I know its possible. For one I have experienced it. Even in the midst of horrible pain, a glimmer of light and hope can do wonders for the human spirit. Its those little tiny droplets of relief that combine to form a glorious drink of love down the road. Look at Tobin and Joanne, a couple I posted about a couple months ago. She was 37 when she had a debilitating stroke. She is tweeting and blogging and making great progress and THEY have felt the droplets of hope in their lives. What a difficult time, and so many people have been moved by reading their experience. This couple, Kari and Josh...their pain must be so very great that it hurts me to conceive of it. But I'm hoping that our prayers will bring them droplets of hope and peace...

I hope this is the last somber entry in this blog for some time. I hope to be funny and anecdotal and swearing about minutia again very soon.


The Diva

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  1. Thanks for caring about my friends, Friend.

    It's my greatest prayer that they would know God's love and peace through this, but I think that's going to be a very hard sell from this human's perspective.