Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding. Oh I know I cliche!!

Ok I'm going to admit right now, as I drink my sugar free almond rocha mocha, that I am crying watching this damn royal wedding. why?? A week ago I couldn't have given 2 splendas about this event. But my friend over at Middle Aged Diva got me all sucked in!!

I'm watching the replay of it now, as I am not so dedicated as to have watched it live at 3am.
They've just come out onto the balcony to greet the people. First of all, I am impressed and awed by the crowd control. The enormous crowd was so classy and well behaved. There was an arial shot and the sheer number of people was just a little overwhelming. I can't imagine being her and trying to fathom basically the whole world wanting to just get a glimpse of me. The Royal Guard or whoever they are that were handling the massive crowds that poured into the space outside Buckingham Palace were ever so composed and unrattled. The crowd itself was just classy. There was no political nonsense or outbursts. Just excitement.

I asked myself why I am a little misty about this whole thing that I didn't think I cared about. I think its the buried part of me that still believes in fairy tales, in magical love. Do Kate and William stand to make it work? It feels good, doesn't it? She seems more confident than Diana did. I adored Diana, don't get me wrong. But she was so painfully shy, I could see why her role overwhelmed her. And Charles...meh.

Anyway, there is so much excitement around this wedding. The people in the streets, a nation coming together to celebrate something...unlike the US who just fights with itself like siblings in the backseat on a long car ride. Its what it all represents.

here's a few of my favorite moments:

Kate's sister "Pippa" (Phillipa) looked absolutely perfect. This sister moment was lovely. Shout out to my "sisters". Sisterhood is a beautiful thing.

Pippa's dress was just gorgeous.

In other news...the Princesses of York...look like effing comic book characters. They are caricatures of themselves! The word that immediately springs to mind is...HIDEOUS. And they will go down in history for these looks. Girls...seriously?!! You couldn't get some input from someone?? OMG.

"Sis, does this absurd hat make my ass look big?"
"No, but your 80's dress makes your hat look good. I have a headache from this bloody bow on my forehead"
(The Duke of York is thinking "I'm just the dad. No one asked me...")

Prince Harry is the cutest thing ever. And I love this brotherly moment before the ceremony.
They both looked like the definition of dashing, and handsome.

Wow. That's some yellow. The Queen is just an icon. Her purse, her shoes...only the Queen of England could carry off that YELLOW ensemble...well...and the Royal Clergy guy she is greeting.
The Queen is the epitome and grace and class. She is so composed. She is so...Queenly. And yet on the balcony after the ceremony there were little bridesmaids and flower girls flitting about, following great Grandma or whatever she is to them, around as though she had candy in her pockets. She just might...


A lovely shot of her dress. And I love the expressions on both of their faces.

(note the little girl in the bottom left corner. The crowd is loud and she is annoyed. lol)
The crowd was chanting "kiss kiss kiss!" (again) and after some grinning and giggle words exchanged, he kissed her again, and they are both smiling as they kiss. The crowd erupts into cheers again. Everyone loves love!!!! We all hope for it. We all root for it. Its the essence of life....LOVE!

Happy Lovely Friday!

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