Monday, May 2, 2011

Ding Dong the witch is dead!

What a week of headlines. The Royal Wedding, the death of Osama Bin Laden.

I have mixed emotions. I see his death as the harbinger of a new era, I hope. But the "celebrations" of his death seem...well for lack of the proper word...just icky. I think this is a great day for the U.S. It was heartening to see people gathered impromptu in DC and feel that sense of unity and pride that we haven't seen or felt since the days immediately after 9/11. You can't mess with us and get away with it. It may take us a decade to get our shit together but we will find you. The acts of 9/11 were dispicable. It was our duty to kill him. But the wooting and the fist pumping seems...well ICKY. I think it just goes to show that we as Americans are desperate to celebrate something and to feel united!! Obama's speech was beautiful, with an intact Pledge of Allegiance at the end (ONE nation UNDER GOD) and I think his words glued us all together for a few moments. I wish that we could have reacted with more thought. Perhaps with a bit more maturity and somberness. Not that I wish OBL would "rest in peace" but I wish we could have marked this grand accomplishment with our heads bowed in memory not of that hateful man, but of the thousands of people he had a hand in killing. Instead we were rallying and ...I don't know. I get it. I really get it. but its icky.

Then again, in 1945 on May 1st when Hitler's death was announced (weird coincidence huh?) I'm sure there was much rejoicing.

When is it ok to rejoice in the death of a bad person? We didn't defile his body. We buried him at sea quickly as per Muslim "rules". We weren't completely without regard for him as a human, it seems. Is it misplaced for us to celebrate? Not entirely. I just with Americans had more couth.

But then again, we kill each other at baseball games and what not. We're pretty retarded sometimes. As a country we are such a teenager.

but anyway, I am so grateful to our military for their ceaseless efforts. I am grateful to all who had a hand in making this operation to take down Bin Laden a success. cheers to you all!!

This year the anniversary of 9/11 will be just the tiniest bit less bitter. Those lost will not come back, but at least the man who devised their deaths has met his maker and it is God who will judge him accordingly. I don't know what will happen to him. I doubt he'll many virgins? to party with. But I know that I'm relieved that he has been removed from earth and can't kill anymore.

God Bless America...we need it. Now more than ever. Brace yourselves, y'all. Those who hate us do not like seeing us revel in our victory. Airports will still violate us and will are still not safe. But we have won a great victory and we are still a great nation. And we will rise back up and find our greatness again.

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  1. Well said, friend. (just reading this now.) xo