Monday, May 16, 2011

The greatest thing to emerge from my kitchen since...


OMG these cupcakes are so amazing...I impressed myself...and that's saying something!

so I got a wild hair to make chocolate cabernet cupcakes. I googled for a recipe and as usual, took about 3 recipes and mushed them together to make my own. What I ended up making was a blackberry cabernet cupcake, one in a chocolate version and one in a vanilla version. the frosting was blackberry merlot home made buttercream.

I have vacillated somewhat in calling these blackberry cabernet and blackberry merlot. I'll tell you why in a minute.

So first thing I did was make 3 metric tons of blackberry merlot frosting. The recipe called for cabernet. At the store I found this "blackberry merlot" "wine". Its not at all wine-y but it has a great blackberry flavor and a hint of fizz. Its like strawberry hill basically :) I combined that WITH cabernet and had a hybrid.

At any rate, I started with blackberries on the stove, simmering in a mixture of blackberry merlot and cabernet.

these have to be the happiet blackberries ever.

Then I mashed and strained them so I only had the reduction "syrup". I added some of that to a massive buttercream batch that I struggled with a good deal. the end result was a huge amount of fantastic frosting! But I still hate making my own.

The cupcakes are a basic chocolate recipe, with part of the water being replaced with more of the blackberry wine reduction.

For the vanilla version, which ended up being just a blackberry cupcake, I just used a white cake recipe and added the leftover blackberry mash to the mix (I could not stand throwing it out!!! I had originally planned to just use the blackberry wine reduction for the white cake mix but the pulp of the blackberries just couldn't go to waste!)

I frosted them both with the same blackberry merlot frosting and topped some with fresh blackberries. OMG they are SO amazing!!!!!

so was the mess. I was covered in a thin layer of powered sugar and most flat surfaces of my kitchen had some form of blackberry or wine stain on them.

but well worth it...these are truly a masterpiece I have to say. YUM!!


  1. Ok, I want them even more now... gee, thanks!!!~Danella

  2. danella, text me or something. I have enough to share. come get one!