Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where were you when...

I was talking with a friend this morning about the news of Osama Bin Laden's death. My mother called me the morning of 9/11 and told me the news. I was doing my hair. I went to wake up my husband and told him. And at the office we all brought little TVs and were glued to them.

Sunday night my mom called me to tell me about OBL. I then called my husband and told him. Full circle kinda.

(Strangely, the friend I am talking about is my husband, although we are going through a divorce. Thought that was an interesting side note. )

we were talking about where we were when we heard the news of various big things in our lives.

When President Regan was shot, I was in line coming in from recess in the 2nd grade at Nichol's school (where my son went to kindergarten). There was a boy line and a girl line. I think my teacher was Mrs. Thompson. Her reaction is what made the memory stick.

When my elementary school principal committed suicide, while we had been playing Scooby Doo trying to figure out what was going on all morning, it was our 5th grade teacher Mrs. Bond who told us in the early morning hours. She had this odd way of standing with her feet crossed but parallel and her hands in the pockets of her skirt. She had a pot belly and she wore school marm-y clothes with apples and such embroidered on them. She was not a warm person but she cried when she told us, though we could tell how hard she was trying not to cry.

When the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded with Christa Mcauliffe on board, I was in 7th grade science class. Of all the classes I could have been in...I was in science class. And we were watching it LIVE. Our teacher, Mr. Freeman, had actually applied for that spot on the space shuttle and he was visibly shaken as he watched her die, along with the rest of the crew. As 7th graders we didn't fully understand how much this shook him, but we all sat in horror and stunned disbelief as the news commentary went from excited to choked up.

When my mom came over to tell me that Paul died, I lived on Christmas Tree Lane and I sat on the mauve couch as she told me the news. I remember nothing else except Henry holding me as I screamed into his shoulder.

I remember when my best friend told me that she was going to have a baby...I was sitting at my desk at Oxy.

I remember when I heard about getting my job at Oxy...one of the best days ever. I had interviewed once or twice and was in Chicago visiting aforementioned best friend (before she got pregnant!) and I stopped at a pay phone in the train station in downtown Chicago to check my answering machine messages (what?!). My answering machine code was 924. I called Judy, the woman who interviewed me from the same pay phone and she made me the offer over the phone. I hung up and we danced around squealing in the train station. That night I had my first shot of tequila ever. :)

I remember where I was when my dad told me my sister had twins...a surprise twin experience as her ultrasound showed only one baby! I was on the payphone at the convenience store near the apartment on Christmas Tree. that store is still there. the pay phone is not. I don't know why I was on a payphone to be honest...weird.

I remember when my mom told me that my cousin was going to have twins. I was standing in my apartment (on Mohawk) living room talking on a land line phone (what is that?) near the little bar that looked through to our kitchen.

I remember the look on the nurse's face when she told us we'd lost our baby. I said "I'm sorry...WHAT?" and she repeated it. And I said again "WHAT?" and she repeated it and touched my leg. And I just looked at her as though she was speaking gibberish and she was the stupidest person on earth. And then I don't remember anything. I was in a daze for about 30 minutes. And then I was a shell for about 4 months.

I remember where I ate lunch the day I was scheduled to pick up our newly adopted dog, Dixie. Bill Lee's Chinese...I was eating with co-workers and I was chomping at the bit to go get that dog.

I remember when Obama was officially elected. Cliffy said I woke him up and made him watch the news for a minute. :) Full circle...

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