Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Button The Button The Button

Ooh I'm getting excited. I have a couple names. More. Think. Think about the people you encounter every day. And if you don't have a name for me please start to consider what you do have. Toys your kids don't want (or that you hate and want out of your house). I can almost promise a child will be part of the picture. Don't know age yet. Clothes you are ready to donate. Stuff you're accumulating for the yard sale you'll never have (lamps and household items). Think about donating soaps and stuff like that. I'm telling you a fabulous smelling body wash can make your day! A nice shampoo is a luxury. Stuff you take for granted that would make someone else feel like queen for a day. Consider the pizza fund you really don't need this month because of the holidays. $20 is a lot when you have nothing. You won't really miss that pizza. XoOK here it is.

You click that donate button and donate your monthly pizza fund and when we get to a point where we have accumulated some stuff I and my people will be taking whatever we collect to the person we've chosen to make smile. I have a couple names. If the names don't work out I will be contacting the local Women's Shelter (Alliance Against Family Violence) and seeing what kind of one-on-one work we can do there.

My heart is full of possibilities here people. This has opened up something that I need to act on, and not just once. Please join me. Let's do this. I need names, and I need your pizza money, cuz someone out there needs to know that people give a shit about more than $2 waffle irons. We don't know what this act will ripple into. And we can't not do it now.

I love my Diva Readers. Let's have a Love Fest...not the porny kind, pervs! the help out other humans kind.


SB Diva

(If you have any questions please email me at The paypal account is processed through my Mean Girl Designs business PayPal account, which none of you know about because its my deep dark secret. lol Yeah. I do business cards and websites and stuff. Your donations are secure and you have my solemn word about the destination of funds and donations)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ok so we'll DO something!!

Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Clause.

Yes, are so right. We ARE going to DO something.

My people in the Bakersfield area I need your help. I need you to privately email me the name (first name only) of a person, and their story if you think this individual needs some TLC this Christmas season. a single mother? (a cause close to my heart obviously). an older man or woman trying to find work but struggling? a struggling Veteran? a kid in a bad situation? a couple who is busting their collective butt and just not able to make ends quite meet, or can't figure out how to do Xmas for their kid(s)? a friend of your kid?

I need their story. And I need it soon.

And THEN we are going to raise some and you. yes you. I'm going to create a paypal link for this and collect donations for the story that tugs our heart strings the most. Or if I am able to select an individual and we know their needs, we will just coordinate delivery of said items to the person.

First we need a person in need.


email me at


Monday, November 28, 2011

Dear Humanity

I'm just going to say this quickly and sternly to my fellow humans. I'm short on time, patience, and hope. And I'm optimistic that the Universe will help me with the latter...
So I'm going to address all fellow humans (only about 12 of which read this and y'all aren't the problem that I know of, but it starts with each of us...)

Dear Humanity,

What the fuck is wrong with all of you?? It is NOT okay to pepper spray your fellow shoppers on Black Friday!! It is not okay to trample someone for a $2 waffle iron! It is just ridiculous. Its wrong. Its disgusting. I hope those waffles are really friggin tasty with the bitterness in your soul! We have SO MUCH!! And we hurt each other for minor kitchen appliances!!? REALLY? CHARITY AND HOPE PEOPLE!!! LET'S SEE SOME!!! Drop and gimme twenty!!!! NO!! Give him $20 and her $50 and that single mother you know down the street...slip her a twenty in her mail slot or something. GIVE. Don't TAKE!!

Seriously, I don't care what your religious beliefs are, it is abhorrent to behave this way EVER, let alone this time of year. Its the birth of Jesus Christ, y'all. Shepherds left their fields, Kings came from Afar with precious gifts, Angels perched in wonder...the King of Kings was born in a stable among stinky animals and slept on pokey hay. His pregnant Holy Mother rode on a DONKEY in the last hours of her pregnancy!! HELLO!! If you have never been pregnant, let me just suggest to you that this was probably really fucking uncomfortable!!!! So even if you don't believe in Jesus, open your heart to the story itself...a story of humility and service and gratitude and wonder and grace. And if you do believe in Jesus, well then take a moment to think of your own child sleeping on hay with stinky animals while you duke it out with some silly bitch at Kohl's over the last cashmere scarf. Are you buying trinkets for every single person you know, or are you giving gifts from your heart for the people you really care about? Have you considered buying a goat? Or a couple of ducks? Or a water faucet for somone in Africa...?

And I now address our public is not okay to abuse your power. It is not okay to use pepper spray (is there a fucking theme here or what?!?) on peaceful protesters. And you all should be ashamed. This country was founded on free speech. PEACEFUL protesters. Pain in your ass, perhaps. But peaceful. Not laying down in traffic or "occupying" for some nebulous "cause". Whether we agree or disagree, peaceful protesting should never be discouraged or punished. Even obnoxious protesting has a place. I think if we directed our angst and disgust at the right place it might do some good, but that's another topic.

Public officials, you should really sit down and think about what it means to hold an office representing the people of your city/county/district/state/country!!! This GREAT country is going to hell in a handbasket...a handbasket that was crafted in China or Indonesia on the backs of children. I know a few Americans who would have happily made that handbasket for a few bucks. REPRESENT, damnit!!!

Humans of Earth, you are better than this. You were made by a loving being who wants you to love each other. Get a frickin clue. Does your identity depend on that waffle iron? Or your credit score? or your bank account balance? Or your salary? Or how pretty your house is? Or your weight?

If everything was stripped away from you and you were in an armageddon type movie with Will Smith and you had nothing but you yourself...who would you be? The banks were burned down, the fossil fuel crisis turned into a world war and there are no cars and there is only electricity where its solar powered etc. Grocery stores have all been looted. You have only what's on your back. Who are you?? Do you stop and help the other screwed over people, or do you zip by them on your skateboard so you can be the first to get into the newly broken into Albertsons downtown?

Who are you, really? without all the numbers we define ourselves by...who are you?


and quit honking at me all the time too, damnit. Its really fucking rude. I'm driving damnit. I'm doing my best. Sheesh!!

Happy Fucking Holidays! Get your shit together people. Find some hope and charity and humility and quit being assholes.

Thank you, and good day!!

-SoapBox Diva

Friday, November 18, 2011

Movies and Anniversaries. Yeah this post is a stretch.

Try not to Whine Kelly. Try not to whine. Don't whine. breathe....rant....go...

I watched 2 movies this week that provoked actual THOUGHT in me.

The first, if you promise not to laugh, was Eyes Wide Shut. whatever. I had never seen it. I am not a fan of Kubrick, however...I have to say this movie was really eek. yuk.

really. I mean, the whole cultish sex thing was icky. But what jumped out at me was the bond between the husband and the wife. And I could see why Kubrick chose a husband and wife to play the couple on screen...because the bond translates. Something about monogamy, which I don't think is for everyone, sings in this movie. Oddly. I think whatever works for a couple works for that couple. That may in fact be a whole other rant if anyone wants to throw things out there. My thought is thought that if a couple choses monogamy as the model for their intimate relationship. that there's this sort of self correcting thing that happens...the "invisible hand" of capitalism becomes the "elephant in the room" of monogamy. Guilt convicts us faster and harder than anything a partner could say. Actually I take that back...its not guilt...its shame. Guilt is a healthy emotion that guides you back onto the right path. So yes, guilt can play a role. But guilt is what you feel when you know you are looking at someone the wrong way, or when you are almost screwing up. Shame is what you carry around with you until you have to unload it or explode. Paranoia, shame, guilt, anger. Those things all step in when a person steps out. If those things don't exist, then neither does love. IF you are talking about chosing monogamy. Just sayin. All intimacy models have rules. Monogamy's is obvious.

The other movie, on a heavier note, was Rabbit Hole. Must have been a Nicole Kidman week for me.

This movie is one that I couldn't have watched a couple years ago. But this film is beautifully done and portrays a couple struggling with the overwhelming grief after the death of their young son.

It will be 9 years ago this week that I lost my very first baby in miscarriage.

I would NOT have been able to type that sentence out even a year ago. All the shit I've been through has, in fact, given me strength.

9 seems totally impossible to have been that long ago. my mind just races at that number. NINE?? really? I remember each second of that day as though it was yesterday. I remember the crucial moments as though it was a movie I watched last week. I can still feel what I felt.

But time, bitch that she is, is merciful. And I have not forgotten or moved past it, its just healed...mostly. The movie Rabbit Hole gorgeously portrays each person's grief so perfectly. How the husband and wife grieve together. How they grieve individually. The anger, the completely ridiculous things that one does to get through it. The crazy ways we reach out. And how reaching out to someone else who hurts is somehow the greatest way to make your own hurt feel better. There is something about merging your hurt with someone else's on an intimate level that instead of making it bigger it makes is so much less black.

Not a movie I would recommend for anyone fresh out of the grief closet. But a really really beautiful movie about how we as humans deal with grief, and with each other, and for some bizarre reason, I found it really inspirational instead of sad.

Now I'm gonna go watch some pirate movies and drink vodka. :) If I find something to whine about, I'll post it on the other blog.

That wasn't much of a rant was it. I'm working on it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Can we invent a new word...

for the disgusting, vile, low, putrid, abominable behavior taking place at Penn State?? Because "disgusting" doesn't really seem to paint the full picture, does it?

How people could be aware of this and let it go is beyond me. Vile Vile Vile. Vitriolic.

Oh hell, let's just make it into a vocab lesson.

abandoned, abject, appalling, bad, base, coarse, contemptible, corrupt, debased, degenerate, depraved, despicable, dirty, disgraceful, disgusting, evil, filthy, foul, horrid, humiliating, ignoble, immoral, impure, iniquitous, loathsome, low, mean, miserable, nasty, nauseating, nefarious, noxious, perverted, repellent, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, shocking, sickening, sinful, sleazy*, stinking, ugly, vicious, vulgar, wicked, worthless, wretched

And even that doesn't cover it. We need new words for the lows that we have reached. Or maybe we don't. Maybe the greats of the past have the right words for us now.

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it. - Albert Einstein

He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it. - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Pared Down

Hey Friends,

You may notice that some of my posts are missing. That is because I have decided that THIS blog is not going to whine anymore. I have another blog for that. :) This blog is going to be repurposed to its original purpose...a Soapbox. I kinda hate politics, but occasionally when I peek out from under my rock, I feel the need to rant about them. There are a plethora of social and womens' issues I could rant about. So I'm going to. I'm officially pulling my head out of my whiney ass and I'm going to use my voice about something other than myself. Well its still all about me, but its about the things that I feel like I could say that might matter, not just me wah wah wah divorce wah wah waaaaah money wah wah waahhhhhh jobs. Wah.

I still need a wah-wah outlet, and I've created one. My whiney posts are there. I'm determining, at this moment, if that blog will be public or not. I probably will, because let's face it, its more fun to whine publicly. Whining privately...well that's what cat people do. My cat died, so y'all are the chosen ones. Anyway, I'll probably publish a link soon.

I can tell you this...this nebulous threat I keep making about a book etc...I am working on it. Its going to be a project that will take some time, as its become more than "a book". I can also tell you this, its going to be freakin funny. Why? because truth is stranger than fiction, that's why. There is stuff that happens in my life that you couldn't make up, and its hilarious in its ridiculousness!!

So in this vein, I will be making a brief post about my current beef.


The Diva (is back)
In fact, I may go so far as to post my chapter titles here soon-ish.