Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Button The Button The Button

Ooh I'm getting excited. I have a couple names. More. Think. Think about the people you encounter every day. And if you don't have a name for me please start to consider what you do have. Toys your kids don't want (or that you hate and want out of your house). I can almost promise a child will be part of the picture. Don't know age yet. Clothes you are ready to donate. Stuff you're accumulating for the yard sale you'll never have (lamps and household items). Think about donating soaps and stuff like that. I'm telling you a fabulous smelling body wash can make your day! A nice shampoo is a luxury. Stuff you take for granted that would make someone else feel like queen for a day. Consider the pizza fund you really don't need this month because of the holidays. $20 is a lot when you have nothing. You won't really miss that pizza. XoOK here it is.

You click that donate button and donate your monthly pizza fund and when we get to a point where we have accumulated some stuff I and my people will be taking whatever we collect to the person we've chosen to make smile. I have a couple names. If the names don't work out I will be contacting the local Women's Shelter (Alliance Against Family Violence) and seeing what kind of one-on-one work we can do there.

My heart is full of possibilities here people. This has opened up something that I need to act on, and not just once. Please join me. Let's do this. I need names, and I need your pizza money, cuz someone out there needs to know that people give a shit about more than $2 waffle irons. We don't know what this act will ripple into. And we can't not do it now.

I love my Diva Readers. Let's have a Love Fest...not the porny kind, pervs! the help out other humans kind.


SB Diva

(If you have any questions please email me at The paypal account is processed through my Mean Girl Designs business PayPal account, which none of you know about because its my deep dark secret. lol Yeah. I do business cards and websites and stuff. Your donations are secure and you have my solemn word about the destination of funds and donations)

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