Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ok so we'll DO something!!

Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Clause.

Yes, Angela...you are so right. We ARE going to DO something.

My people in the Bakersfield area I need your help. I need you to privately email me the name (first name only) of a person, and their story if you think this individual needs some TLC this Christmas season. a single mother? (a cause close to my heart obviously). an older man or woman trying to find work but struggling? a struggling Veteran? a kid in a bad situation? a couple who is busting their collective butt and just not able to make ends quite meet, or can't figure out how to do Xmas for their kid(s)? a friend of your kid?

I need their story. And I need it soon.

And THEN we are going to raise some money...me and you. yes you. I'm going to create a paypal link for this and collect donations for the story that tugs our heart strings the most. Or if I am able to select an individual and we know their needs, we will just coordinate delivery of said items to the person.

First we need a person in need.


email me at redgreenhurricane@gmail.com


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  1. Maybe this is it... The beginning of what we've always talked about... Our purpose!! I'm so excited!! I'm in 100%, love you kel!!