Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pared Down

Hey Friends,

You may notice that some of my posts are missing. That is because I have decided that THIS blog is not going to whine anymore. I have another blog for that. :) This blog is going to be repurposed to its original purpose...a Soapbox. I kinda hate politics, but occasionally when I peek out from under my rock, I feel the need to rant about them. There are a plethora of social and womens' issues I could rant about. So I'm going to. I'm officially pulling my head out of my whiney ass and I'm going to use my voice about something other than myself. Well its still all about me, but its about the things that I feel like I could say that might matter, not just me wah wah wah divorce wah wah waaaaah money wah wah waahhhhhh jobs. Wah.

I still need a wah-wah outlet, and I've created one. My whiney posts are there. I'm determining, at this moment, if that blog will be public or not. I probably will, because let's face it, its more fun to whine publicly. Whining privately...well that's what cat people do. My cat died, so y'all are the chosen ones. Anyway, I'll probably publish a link soon.

I can tell you this...this nebulous threat I keep making about a book etc...I am working on it. Its going to be a project that will take some time, as its become more than "a book". I can also tell you this, its going to be freakin funny. Why? because truth is stranger than fiction, that's why. There is stuff that happens in my life that you couldn't make up, and its hilarious in its ridiculousness!!

So in this vein, I will be making a brief post about my current beef.


The Diva (is back)
In fact, I may go so far as to post my chapter titles here soon-ish.

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