Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Beautiful People

Y'all...I am so excited.
My job is a...job. (read: pain in the ass that provides little reward). I am very busy doing a whole lot of nothin. This thing WE are doing is making me feel so awesome.

So here's the deal: We have some definite possiblities and needs. And there are a lot of causes out there and organizations who help families in needs. But there are always gaps and cracks. And there are always needs.

Here is what I am working on:

My friend "A" has several children and has been in an abusive situation. The circumstances are difficult and stressful. She has a need for a lot of things, but I am primarily focusing on clothes for the kids. They age from newborn to 8 years old both boys and girls. I am taking clothing donations starting now. There may be a need for some small equipment type items...I am checking. There is always a need for shoes, coats, diapers, formula, that kind of thing.

Here is the hard part of this story...her kids need Xmas presents and I'm told she is contemplating telling them the "truth" about Santa. I put it in quotes because I still absolutely believe in Santa myself. :) I don't know if I can swing it in the time frame. 5 kids in need of a toy or 2 to save their Christmas innocence. I can't deliver items to Northern Cal by Xmas.

But the clothes will go with me when I go visit my Diva Friend Carol at the end of this month. Its on my way and I'm thrilled to donate some my own kids clothes. Damn children won't stop growing!!

I have 2 other hard working women who just need help with bills and Christmas and life in general and I'm working on something for them.

And then there is the homeless coffee/coat drive as I'm calling it now. McDonald's cards in $10 or $15 denominations, winter coats, small blankets, maybe small toiletries, socks, gloves, hats. That kind of thing...ya know? I will be distributing those items anytime I get enough accumulated but hope to take my kids to do this with me just before Christmas and maybe just after.

Please consider helping me. This feels a little more personal to me than just a nebulous charity.
If you have any questions please email me at redgreenhurricane@gmail.com

The Paypal link below is active, but if you'd rather put the money in my hand I get it and I will arrange a time to meet up with you.

For those of you with clothing and kid/household items to donate (nothing too big as i have to squish it into my car for a trip) I will start taking those any time as well.

I can't even begin to tell you what my heart feels like at those of you who have reached out. One of you specifically who has been very generous and I'm so grateful that you are extending yourself to my silly wild hair up my ass charity idea.

This is becoming something amazing. you guys are awesome. Keep it coming!!


Soapbox Diva!

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