Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Getting more organized. Giving ROCKS!!!

My heart is so full!!! The cup of Christmas spirit runneth over!!! Beautiful stuff.

My friend in Ireland tested my PayPal link- It works. ;)

cash donations made will be used for:

the kids who up north who have no Santa this year,

2 women,

1 family

and cold homeless coffee drinkers

not necessarily in that order.

If you want to specify where your donation goes feel free. If you donate $10 and want it to be used for a toy, or a homeless person or a mom just let me know.

I am collecting donations of:

baby clothes (nb girl plus girl and boys 2t - size 6-8)

coats in adult and child sizes

kids winter shoes

adult outer wear

toys for ages 1-8
(kids are as follows: girls age 8 mo and one to be born in the spring, boys age 2, 3, 5 & 7)

and mcds cards

email me at to arrange something or ask questions.

Love you guys to pieces for doing this with me!!!

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