Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Update on Project Humanity

So its taken me a few days to process and get my mental ducks in a row but here is what happened this weekend...

As you know I have been cooking up this "let's make a difference" thing for a while now and decided part of our funds would be used for homeless outreach. I wasn't sure how or when or what was going to happen and I had mused about McDonald's cards.

Well last week on Facebook my friend posted that he and his wife were going to distribute socks, gloves, hats, blankets etc, as well as sack lunches to the homeless that weekend. So I decided to team up with them. I had a budget, and some coats that you all had donated. So we got organized that morning and after some hunting found some people in need. (We had to do some looking and recon believe it or not, but then found more than we expected.)

By the time we met up with our friends most of the lunches were gone and the socks had been blown through as well as the blankets. The coats I brought went in a hot second!! My handful of blankets disappeared quickly. Then they decided to hit a park down the street. meanwhile I of course befriended the man with the dog. Those who know me will not be surprised by this. I asked him how he was. He was not old enough for the walker he was using but said he'd had a few strokes etc. I asked if he had a warm coat etc. and if his dog had food. He said they'd just run out. Cutest dog you ever saw...butt up in the air and more than a year old at most. So I told my friend Timothy that I would go get a few things and be back.

So I went to Food Max and nervously left my car to go shop. (Not a great neighborhood). I grabbed a bag of dogfood and then deliberated over the smaller bag. I opted for the slightly bigger bag but regretted it later. Anyway, grabbed some blankets, some beef jerky, some trail mix etc. It took foreeeeeever to get out of there because the poor woman and her mother in front of me were trying to find their food stamps and load up their little walking cart with their groceries so they could walk home. I patiently waited, counting my blessings. Checked out, then headed to the Salvation Army to get coats, sweats, shoes and whatever else I could find.

I headed back over, having missed the trip to the park and the heartbreaking homeless children, I'm told, and found my friend Tim. He was very grateful, though I felt bad about the bigger bag of dog food because he opted to carry it around. not a huge bag but not walker friendly. Anyway, so that was about it for that. It was one of the most rewarding and fantastic days I've ever had. I want to do it every day. It was awesome and overwhelming and beautiful. And I was UTTERLY EXHAUSTED later that day.

When I told my parents about my adventure later that evening my dad pulled his sweats out from under the bed and some pants he doesn't wear and they are waiting for me as well. :)

I will continue to collect any coats you have, as well as blankets, and outwear like scarves, hats, gloves etc. Gloves are a really nice thing!!

So if you have any, please jing my bell. :)

THEN earlier this week I gathered up my toys both purchased and donated for the mom and kids in Northern Cal and boxed it up and got it shipped off in time for Xmas arrival!!! COOL!!!! Seriously cool!! I didn't expect to be able to get them anything in time for Xmas!!

I will still be driving a CAR LOAD of stuff up on New Year's. Lots of stuff. You guys are so amazing!!

Thank you so much for your generosity. This was so great and fun and fulfilling and amazing and heart warming and touching and...COOL!!

I love everyone. Which is way better than cursing humanity. Look how that works!!!

I have one more facet of this and I'm still working on that. Stay tuned.



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