Friday, December 16, 2011

Update on Project Redeem Humanity

Ok, after a few days of blah-ness I am excited again. I am usually a bit superstitious and hence hesitant to disclose things before they happen. But I have to share with you guys what YOU are doing.

So here's the latest scoop on what your generous hearts are doing via my project.

First I'll recap where we are in case you were sleeping. So I bitched about how much people suck cuz they bludgeon each other for $2 waffle irons on Black Friday. I handed humanity its ass, via my humble blog here, and then YOU inspired me.

So I decided I could so something besides bitch. Cuz let's face it its not going to be "instead" of bitching. I will always bitch. But I'm backing my bitch up with love this time.

So I asked for names and stories and a couple have risen to the surface as my focal points. I have been calling it "Project Redeem Humanity".

My primary project became a woman with several children who needed Christmas and some clothes. The story was that Santa might not show up at their house this year. The oldest child is 8. This became sub-project "project Santa"

And then Y'ALL started bringing me stuff, and writing me checks!!! and you have NO idea how...amazing that is. To be that kind of conduit.

So here's what's happening. With your checks and cash I have been able to purchase toys for all her kids, and for her. I was going to take this haul up there by car AFTER xmas however your generosity I am able to ship the toys now in time for Xmas!! and then I will take the clothes and equipment/stuff up there on my trip.

I will purchase some odds and ends to complete the package this weekend, and get it shipped out asap.

The other part of your donations are going to go to a hard working family. I am prayerfully contemplating which direction to put the money so I'm just letting my heart decide. This project, while it would be beautiful to deliver for Xmas, is a bit less time sensitive. So if you feel moved to donate, its not too late. Whatever money is left after I get the toys etc for the kids will go to this family. Wherever it ends up I know it will be very appreciated. This project doesn't have a name yet. It needs one!

The last part of this project is the "coffee and coats" project for the homeless. I have been waiting for Divine direction on this, or enlightenment in some form. :) I have allocated a small portion of your donations for this purpose and been waiting for a need. So coincidentally I found that one of my facebook friends and his wife have decided to do a similar homeless ministry this weekend. I needed help in doing this myself so this is perfect. So we are teaming up this weekend to distribute socks, hats, coats, blankets, coffee, and whatever else may be needed to the homeless in the downtown area. God uses facebook, I'm telling you!

If you'd still like to sacrifice your pizza fund so someone else can be warm or have Xmas or have a decent meal, please scroll down my blog for my paypal link, or contact me at

I love you all, and I'm so grateful to have this opportunity to pull my head out of my own ass.
I can not thank you enough, those of you who have donated!!! You are amazing!!

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