Monday, January 16, 2012

What's love got to do with it??

Everything. Even on the days when I want to freak out because people are so stupid, I am ultimately so moved by love.

I was so inspired on the way home. I had 3 blog entries in my head. Now I'm kinda tired from herding cats (my kids) all night so let's see how we do, eh?

First, I would like to address the rapidly approaching loathsome holiday we call "Valentine's Day". If you've been reading my blog for long, you may remember last year's Valentine's Day entry titled something like "Pity Party, table for One"... yes, the love cocktail was a little bitter last year.

I was pondering this oh so stupid and ridiculous holiday today and, as I vowed to myself last year, I am going to give MYSELF a great Valentine's Day! And I want you to do the same for yourself. It has been said (to someone I know, at some point, in therapy) that what our parents fail to give us, because all parents fail somehow, even good ones, we have to learn to give ourselves. The self esteem we didn't get as babies and toddlers, we have to somehow give to ourselves. Loving yourself is a key part of evolving as a grown up. (I don't really relate to "grown ups" and so kinda dislike the term).

so this Valentine's Day I will remind myself of all the reason's I am wonderful, and of all the wonderful things I deserve in life. Not in a self entitled obnoxious kinda way...but in a all people deserve fundamental joy kinda way. And I will remind myself what I am doing with my life and why, and what I am waiting for and what I have already achieved in the 2 years since I reclaimed my own heart.

Its going to be a big, vain, nauseating love fest.

I might buy a new vibrator too.

Oh...WHAT? whatever!! don't be such a grown up.

anyway...I am inviting and encouraging all of you to try to see yourself as God sees you this coming V-day. Unless you think that God sees you as crap and you'll never be good enough. If that's the case, please see yourself as your dog sees you, which is bound to be flattering.

In addition to that, I challenge all of you to try to love someone in your life who is not very loveable. Maybe write a note of apology. Maybe just journal some positive things about the person. Maybe you don't need to tell the person that you're attempting to not view them as vile, putrid goo on that day, but you can try to feel it. Sharing it is always better but baby steps I suppose. :) Try to view that person as God views them. Yeah its a challenge because I am sure your brain would like you to think that God views them as a big pain in the ass. However, God created that person with a purpose and with love and no matter what that person says or does, God manages to love that person. That is a big thing to swallow so maybe stick with the dog thing and just try to view that person as not vile because he dumps kibble in the dish daily.

Today is the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. My kids and I discussed this a little tonight and ate "equality pizza". In light of this paragraph above, I would like to share a quote I found by him today:
"There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies." Martin Luther King Jr.

If you just can't bring yourself to feel nice about someone who isn't nice, then try this...take some flowers to your manicurist, your trainer, your hair dresser, your mom, your grandma, your kid's teacher, your divorce lawyer, or someone who has made your life a little better.

Or a stranger. How cool is that? Just pick a stranger in the grocery store and put a flower in their cart with a note saying "have a beautiful day". If someone did that for you, would you not just feel inspired?! Think....take flowers to the convalescent hospital, or to the parents biting their nails in the pediatric ward of the hospital (that was done for me once!), or you can opt for the simple buy the coffee for the person behind you at starbucks method, and if he's cute, include your phone number on the napkin. LOL

Put some kind of love OUT in the world this loathsome lame pink and red holiday. trust makes a huge difference in your own heart!

Eat this love cupcake now, and savor it for a few minutes because I'm about to blog some non warm fuzzy crap in a second. :)

-The Love Diva

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another update. Man, I need better titles.

Hi friends,

Ok so here is a quick update on...various things...

'project redeem humanity' as I call it (because I was disgusted with humanity until WE came together and restored my faith and filled my heart, and my car) has 3 parts: project homeless, project mommy, and project family.
Project homeless, as previously reported, was FANTASTIC. and I have continued to collect clothes and coats which I will distribute in the next few weeks. If you have outer wear you can spare, please let me know this month. Its really cold here, but it will be shorts weather by the end of March so I have to move my arse. :) Anyway, let me know.

project mommy was a huge success and was delivered in its last phase this last weekend. The first phase was when I shipped the Christmas toys up to her in time for Xmas!! yay! It was nice to know that the kids would at least have something to open on Xmas day, and I believe their community made sure there was a bit more than that. cool!

On my way to San Jose to see fellow blogger Carol from middle-aged diva I stopped to meet my shoedazzle friend K and her sister, also K, and sister K is who we collected all the stuff for. my Honda Pilot was FULL of car seats, clothes, diapers, toys, a crib, and a trike!! I mean FULL. I'm SO glad the K sisters, their other sister O, and one of the hubby's had more than one vehicle!!! So we exchanged stuff, and took pictures of our fabulous shoedazzle shoes,

and hugged and I was on my way!! The K's were very sweet and it was so great to meet sister K, who was way pregnant with baby #6. She's adorable! She was very grateful to all of you!!

project family is still in the works. :) Stay tuned.

So now to me:

My visit with carol was awesome! I love the Bay Area!!! Northern California...they are my people!! We spend the day Saturday in San Francisco. I ate this orgasmic organic pizza

and then we visited the wharf.

It was a very warm day for SF and it was clear and gorgeous for the whole visit.

Sunday we had lunch in Capitola...and it was HOT. Yes hot, on January 1!! I got a sunburn while eating. We were sweating. It was weird. and gorgeous!!! wow. so gorgeous.

Monday I visited with some friends up there, did some shopping, piddled around, and came home. Thanks Carol, it was truly so wonderful to meet you, hang out, and relaaaaaaax. xoxo!! wow. I was so relaxed. and then...

And then Tuesday I started my new job!! But this time, ladies and gentlemen, I quit one job to start another job. Yes, a new job by CHOICE! what? yes. I know. crazy huh?

I'm a busy busy bee. (understatement) Its been a whirlwind so far, but I'm really pleased to be useful and challenged and appreciated!!

So I'm a pretty happy redhead. No whining. For now. :)

Thank you AGAIN to all of you who donated!!