Tuesday, February 14, 2012

OH!! Valentine's Day...will you hold my hair???

Well as you know, this is the bestest most amazing day of the whole year. Because if you are in a relationship, there are very few significant others who do this day right. And if you aren't in a relationship well...just fuck the whole thing. Stay in bed. If you're in a new relationship...that's the best kind of fuckedupedness because the day is RIPE with disappointment just waiting to explode. so fantastic. so brilliant. a holiday named after a massacre and dedicated to expressing love. perfect really, isn't it?

someone wished me "happy infants with weapons day" this morning.

Took me a second to recognize that as a reference to cupid. Stupid Cupid. I think we are all glad its not "redheads with weapons day" but I am seriously considering trying to make that happen. Think of the flower arrangement potential. Lillies interspersed among steak knives. Roses arranged with shishkebob skewers. Or one of those minimalist beauties...like an exotic orchid with a scythe...

(He's happy to see me!!)

Or like this:

But all snide-ness aside, for now...

I woke up my kids, who were sleeping at angles that could be described as anything other than parallel to me, with chocolate roses, which they then immediately both decided were for their teachers. awwwww. Then they had stuffed puppies in valentines bowls and see's candy on the table for them at breakfast. Surprise surprise, they opted for see's candy and forgot cereal even existed!!

Then Cliffy invited me to have lunch with him!! Best Valentines Day lunch ever!!

I am wearing cute shoes today and my outfit is black and blue. Oh yes, it was on purpose. :)

I'm having dinner with my girl friends tonight. Lemonade (with vodka of course), sour grapes, and haggis.

No of course I'm not serious. but its fun to type and think about haggis in general. The vodka part was probably serious. ya know. probably.

But really, even though I am a jaded bitch, today is about love. and I love love. so I will stop and take a moment today to remember what that swooshy in the clouds feeling feels like. I will love myself today. and I will love others.

"Love one another as I have loved you" (John 13:34). Jesus said this as he washed the feet of his disciples. I taught Kindergarten Sunday school once upon a time. I washed the kids feet when we learned this verse. Their little heads all exploded, as I'm sure the disciples' heads did. No one is above service to their fellow man. No one. At the end of the day, at the end of your life, at the end of everything, love is ALL that matters. do something loving today, for yourself, for your family, for a stranger.

As Buddhism teaches that there can be no peace in the world without peace in each of us individually, so is it true of love. We must love ourselves before we love anyone else. And if you can't love yourself, well, you're not really paying attention. The Creator loves you. You need more than that?

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