Saturday, August 11, 2012

New word needed

I've decided that a new word is needed.  This topic will seem heavy, and it is I suppose. But this just occurred to me and I am now annoyed.
I'm watching "the other Boleyn girl".  There is a pregnancy and she almost loses the child. But something about the way they say the word.  Think about it. Miscarriage of justice certainly implies that it was someone's fault.  Misogyny-Clearly is malicious.  Misappropriation (of funds) -intentional
Misinformed -not an accident.  Misled. Misguided. Misanthrope.  Misinterpret. Misbehave.


Having experienced one, and knowing dozens of women who've shared that horrific experience, suffered with the guilt and shame and confusion and pain, I'm nothing short of insulted by the English language in this moment.  

Just having a soapbox moment.

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