Thursday, March 21, 2013

I wish for you

If you are reading this, I wish for you:

to have a moment today of pleasure that is only yours.  

to eat something that blows your top

to laugh so hard it almost hurts your face

to feel clarity and peace about something that is bothering you

to feel safe today, and tomorrow and beyond

to receive something miraculous or surprising and wonderful

to be touched by something beautiful in a way that wakes up a portion of your heart that has been sleeping

to feel loved

to smell something that blasts you into a memory

to have enough of everything right now

to accept yourself, just as you are, perfect, in this exact moment

to reach out to someone that perhaps you've been afraid to reach out to.  Take a chance. Do and say what needs to be done and said.  don't let another day go by.  do it.  

to look up today, or tonight, and realize how big, and yet small our world is.  Marvel.  Ponder. 

to dance, perhaps badly, but to do so with abandon and joy

to dream

to believe

and I wish for you to wish these things for someone else.  I would love for you to post your wishes in the comments.  Positive affirmations are difficult to muster for ourselves sometimes.  But we can do it for each other too.   

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