Tuesday, March 26, 2013


You know, honestly I hated to post a blog today because I really like my last blog and would like it to permanently appear on my blog somewhere because it feels lovely.  Its feels lovely to wish all that for you, and to think of you wishing that for others, or me.  I have recently learned how powerful it is when we really encourage and affirm one another in a real way.

Anyway, I hated to displace the loveliness but felt compelled to write.  I used to do so much writing and now I do so little.  now if I could channel this into THE BOOK.

I have an outline for it!! progress, yes?

ok whatever.

anyway. lots of action on facebook today regarding gay marriage rights.  lots of red equal sign pictures and talk of solidarity and what not.  rainbows.  ribbons.  declarative statements. lots.

but with that always comes the "chick-fil-a effect".   phrases like "demonization" and "traditional values" and "God's will" thrown about like angry confetti.  So I feel compelled to say this:  LOVE.
you can't fight hate with hate. you can't fight injustice with injustice.  you can't fight anger with anger.  or fire with fire.  seriously. what happens if you fight fire with fire? DUH PEOPLE.  all kinds of shit burns down.  its fucking hot and destructive  duuuurrrrrr.   Likewise, if you respond to angry words and ideas with anger, what comes of that?? more anger.   where you encounter hate, insert love.  where you encounter injustice, be just.  where you encounter prejudice, let go of YOURS.   where you feel judged, examine your own judgements.

None of that paragraph is directed at either side of 'the argument'.  Its universal.  LOVE ONE ANOTHER.  It was not I who gave us that phrase!

No we don't have to agree. yes we can have vastly different feelings on things. Beliefs are hardly ever dispassionate.  But angry posting from either side really does nothing.  Where there is no love, even though all the talk is about love, BE THE LOVE.

I think most of my readers know where I stand on this issue.  But I am not making that an outstanding point because that IS the point.  Be the love. Give love. Accept love. Encourage love.  Create love.  Nurture love.  Take the love.  Make love. Feel love.  ITS LOVE!  

does it really matter what it looks like?

We do NOT have to agree.  We do not have to all believe the same things.  We do not need to convince each other of anything. Nor condemn each other.  Nor scandalize, demonize, scrutinize, ostracize, and lots of other "ize"es. 

We are all connected. so very connected.  have you not experienced yet how small and amazingly interconnected our little worlds are? I am daily awed at how I am connected to the people I interact with daily.  What you give, you receive.  What you reap, you sow.  Love one another.   Its like loving yourself.  We are all connected.  Be kind and gentle.  Jesus was not always subtle, this is a fact.  He didn't exactly fly under the radar all the time.  He did stir up some stuff where he traveled.  But he was also all inclusive.  he hung out with the hookers, lepers, tax collectors, widows, and all manner of "unacceptable" folk.  Because He IS LOVE.  and LOVE has no prejudice.

big picture people.  big picture.  what is important when you leave this earth for the next portion of your journey? what will be your "take home" lesson? I met a lady who's take home lesson was "can do".  It was the only words she had left in the end, and as I learned at her funeral, it was pretty much how she lived her life.  she changed mine.  You can and will have the ability to profoundly impact people during your time here. You probably already have.  what is your take home lesson?

I wish for you...love. 

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  1. Beautifully said. Inspiring and thought provoking. I think this is a basis for a Sunday sermon, sans the ef word of course. Thanks for the perspective and the reminder!