Thursday, July 4, 2013

cartoons vs. documentaries

top 10 reasons why cartoons are better than documentaries

1  cartoons are more colorful
2  a cartoon can be or look like anything you want and isn't constrained by "reality"
3  they are usually funny. documentaries take themselves very seriously
4  documentaries usually leave you depressed
5  documentaries are meant to instruct.  cartoons are meant to give joy
6  colors are brighter in cartoons
7  physics don't apply to cartoons
8  much less death in cartoons than in documentaries
9  cartoons have way better music tracks
10  cartoons make you feel good.

you're probably thinking that I've smoked a joint or something.  I haven't.  this isn't about literal cartoons and documentaries.  this is about allowing things to exist without expectations and labels and the idea that if something brings you JOY it is probably good, regardless of what the expectations, or boundaries or nouns and adjectives or other burdens that "reality" would impose upon it.

joy.    does it matter what form it arrives in? nope. didn't think so.

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